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From the archives - June 2001

President’s report

New President’s pledge to make communication with the profession a top priority

Guidance on Pension Sharing on Divorce

Guidance given to the Society under the Welfare Reform and Pensions Act 1999

Rate of interest on landed securities

Rate for the six months from Whitsunday 2001

The age of e-conveyancing?

The development of electronic registration of title and the prospects for the age of electronic conveyancing

Why it pays to manage stress

The implications for employers of educated professionals for whom stress is now an occupational hazard

Enshrining team-based approach

Report of 2001 AGM of the Society

Scottish Solicitors’ Discipline Tribunal

Reports relating to Bruce Louden Clark Gordon; Bernard Hill

Complainer is the loser in delay cases

Latest criminal cases, including trial within a trial; delay; sentencing; plea in bar of trial; Moorov rule

Who would steal our files?

The potential implications and the risk control points arising from the theft of files or equipment

The seven-year itch

An unwelcome demand that your ISP must keep your email and internet traffic records for seven years has resurfaced


EU roundup, including employment; rights of establishment; company law; justice and home affairs

Book reviews

Reviews of Contempt of Court in Scotland; Licensing Law in Scotland