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From the archives - July 2001

President’s report

Concern about the relatively short consultation period for the inquiry into the regulation of the legal profession

Remit of regulation inquiry into legal profession

The Scottish Parliament Justice 1 Committee announces the remit of its major inquiry into the regulation of the legal profession in Scotland

Multiple claim: vaccine damage

Possible claim arising from the alleged harmful effects of the diphtheria, polio and tetanus vaccination

Influencing the jury

The lessons to be learned for court practitioners from research conducted in New Zealand into jury dynamics

The right to education in Scotland

An overview of the right to education in Scots law and how the rights and duties within the state system might be expected to change

Firearms appeals: the sheriff’s role redefined

The first part of a review of the role of the sheriff in firearms appeals

The name game: rebranding legal firms

The pros and cons of discarding traditional names, with the views of two solicitors who have rebranded in that way

Ending the spam diet

An overview of the legal position with regard to direct marketing techniques using email

When publications needn’t be lodged as productions

Latest civil cases, including options hearings; jurisdiction; failure to cross examine; productions; family actions; arrestment; expenses

Partnership disputes – avoiding the risks

Problems which have arisen in relation to constitution and dissolution of partnerships, and ways they could have been avoided


EU update on social policy and employment; also intellectual property; justice and home affairs; competition; company law

Book reviews

Reviews of A History of Private Law in Scotland; Child and Family Law Cases and Materials