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From the archives - January 2002

Certificated management courses

Society has teamed up with Institute of Management and Perth College to offer open supported learning course in management

Interest on landed securities

Rate from Martinmas 2001

Multiple claims

Co-ordination of claims from derailment at Stranraer; and Sun Ray Therapy as treatment for asthma

Destruction of files

Letter seeking guidance on retention period for conveyancing files and Law Society response

Scottish Solicitors’ Discipline Tribunal

Reports relating to John Desmond Francis Chute; George Lang Barrowman

Dangerous link

Some suggestions for identifying and correcting office matters that may be adding stress to your life

Creating effective management structures

Partners must agree who will be responsible for different aspects of management of the business if things are to run smoothly and excessive stress curtailed

Effective cross selling

How to introduce additional services to your existing clients

Keeper’s corner

Update of developments at the registers

Does the writ warrant a warrant?

Latest civil cases, on pleadings, jurisdiction, motions, pleas, options hearings, sist, appeals, expenses, family actions, interim orders

Interview: Elish Angiolini

Interview with new Solicitor General Elish Angiolini

Website reviews

Review of a web law, a sports law and the WorldLII site

Domain name disputes

An examination of the dispute resolution policies offered by ICANN and Nominet

Explaining delays – managing expectations

Risk management issues arising from delays in the context of managing clients’ expectations

Exhaustion of trade marks

Briefing on an ECJ trade marks ruling, Green Paper on Merger Regulation, ECJ competition ruling, and directive on protecting employees from employer’s insolvency

Book reviews

Reviews of Law and Practice of Invoice Finance; E-Law Review