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From the archives - October 2002

Scottish Solicitors’ Discipline Tribunal

Report relating to James Kelly

Classic letters of obligation

Master Policy insurers have agreed a slight relaxation to the conditions which have to be satisfied before letters of obligation are treated as “classic” letters of obligation


With a harsher economic outlook successful businesses look more deeply at their client relationships and getting the best from staff

Dispelling myths of civil legal aid reform

Convener of the Legal Aid Committee talks about the background to civil legal aid reform and what it means for practitioners

How healthy is your career?

Lawyers should stop and think about what is important in their work and consider what they are trying to achieve in their careers

Hidden traps, new liabilities

Implications of the Employment Act 2002, especially extended rights for working parents to request flexible working arrangements

A lack of diligence

Discussion of the continuing confusion surrounding inhibition on the dependence following the Karl Construction case

Discerning changes in sentencing trends

Latest criminal cases, including the Moorov rule; impartiality; warrants; culpable and reckless conduct; road traffic; delays

Initiatives to improve customer service

Keeper’s update on matters including feudal abolition; ARTL; rejected applications for registration; e-forms; title sheets

Bringing legal advice to the socially excluded

Adviser with Streetwork tells of the challenges of working for the homeless and socially excluded

Keeping children safe on the internet

Scotland is at the forefront of efforts to make the internet a safer place for children

Website reviews

Reviews of legal websites for lay users

Technology to the rescue?

Part 1 of a survey of how information technology can help practices lessen their exposure to risk

In practice

Good practice in relation to accounting for proceeds of sale, and letters of obligation

Plain speaking

Part 5 of a series encouraging lawyers to use plain language in dealings with clients

Book reviews

Review of Scottish Civic Government Licensing Law