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From the archives - November 2002

Binding services

A new company is offering a binding service for Society publications including the Journal after the previous suppliers ceased trading

Modernising stamp duty

Outline of pending major changes to the stamp duty regime


Lawyers might consider adopting a protocol for handling client disputes, to increase the chances of early and effective agreement

The future of conveyancing

Survey of opinions as to how the profession will adapt to the age of e-conveyancing and paralegals

Don’t underestimate the value of people skills

The critical standards that should apply in all client interview situations, in which complex dynamics are at work

Lawseal promises secure electronic communication

The Society’s secure electronic communications initiative is gearing up for launch early in 2003

Pragmatic approach in going to proof

Latest civil cases, including pleadings; appeals; interim possession; petitions for liquidation; expenses

Creating the most positive relationships

Interview with Murray Mathieson, who aims to help the profession understand what clients really want from their legal service providers

Website reviews

Reviews of websites dealing with freedom of information and data protection

Nothing but the net

Report of 2002 Nothing but the Net conference

Technology to the rescue?

Part 2 of a survey of how information technology can help practices lessen their exposure to risk

In practice

Various cases considered by the Professional Practice Committee, including emails received in error

Plain speaking

Part 6 of a series encouraging lawyers to use plain language in dealings with clients

Book reviews

Review of A Practical Guide to Rent Review of Agricultural Holdings