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From the archives - December 2002

Death certificate protocol

Protocol expected to be agreed with banks, building societies and insurers for intimating death when acting for deceased’s representatives

PKI questions answered

Key questions and answers about Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

Unsatisfactory conduct – record keeping practice

In response to an Ombudsman recommendation, the Society may from January 2003 take account of previous complaints against a solicitor when considering future complaints

Who owns coolers?

Solicitors handling a business sale where a Coca-Cola branded cooler appears in the list of fixtures and fittings should check who owns the cooler

Continuing professional development

Planning to meet your continuing professional development obligations

Chaos theory explained

Tongue-in-cheek observations on subjects including product labelling, judicial titles and judicial language

Time to embrace English approach

It is time to re-examine our whole system of criminal procedure; the Crown Court may provide the model to follow

‘Single gateway’ to handle complaints

Survey of reactions to the Justice 1 Committee’s report on regulation of the legal profession

Justice for Rwanda

Account by an MP and former solicitor of a visit to Rwanda where she discovered a chaotic system to try those accused of genocide

Reforming registration of company charges

Chairman of the Scottish Law Commission identifies aspects of the system of registering company charges proposed for reform in a Commission discussion paper

Time to clarify rules on additional evidence

Latest criminal cases, including inadequate representation; self-incrimination; withdrawing a guilty plea; bills of suspension; additional evidence after conviction; sentencing

Scottish Solicitors’ Discipline Tribunal

Reports relating to Paul Anderson; Janette Barr Napier Walkingshaw; John McLaughlin; Deryck de Maine Beaumont; David Alexander Symington

Website reviews

Reviews of websites relating to personal injury law

Travel broadens career horizons

How individual Scottish solicitors feel they have benefited from finding legal work abroad

Recruitment issues

Legal recruitment consultants’ opinions on the then current state of the jobs market

Where now for charity law?

The likely impact of the McFadden Commission recommendations

Data protection report card

Insufficient attention is being paid by UK companies to website user privacy rights; a new Enforcement Board is intended to bring about an improvement

No excuses for missing critical dates

Various practical systems and procedures that can help solicitors avoid claims for missing a time bar deadline


EU update on legal aid; trade in services; Single Market; employment law; company law; and a note on the Convention on the Future of Europe

Book reviews

Reviews of Minerals and the Law of Scotland; The Pleader