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From the archives - February 2002

Legal correspondence between prisoners + solicitor

Guidance on addressing and sealing correspondence to prisoner clients

Business of the High Court

Memorandum by Lord Justice General on guidance to assist planning and disposal of High Court business

Life on the inside

Author’s experience of working on secondment to the HR department at Guinness UDV

Reviewing trainee’s progress

Quarterly performance meetings to assess a trainee’s development are an essential component of the new training regime

Managing conflict constructively

Engage in inter-office battles only when positive and necessary

Scottish Executive Housing Improvement Task Force

This is a laudable policy initiative but the Conveyancing Committee want to see more input by the profession

Interview: Christine Graham

Interview with Christine Graham, Convener of the Scottish Parliament’s Justice 1 Committee

Website reviews

Review of one mental health site and three for asylum and immigration

Court of review or court of appeal?

Latest criminal cases, on statements, trials within a trial, fairness, nobile officium, warrants, appeals, road traffic and human rights

When a ‘diary system’ isn’t a system

How the experience here of missed time limits compares with other jurisdictions; recommended approach to avoiding claims

Scottish Solicitors’ Discipline Tribunal

Reports relating to Paul Robert Anderson; Donald Stewart Duncan

Electronic signatures – who needs them?

Electronic signatures are coming and nearly every practitioner will need one

Jurisdiction, recognition and enforcement

Abstract: An explanation of pending comprehensive reform of Community law rules on jurisdiction of civil courts and recognition and enforcement of judgments

Book reviews

Review of Solicitors’ Guide to Good Management