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From the archives - April 2002

Communication initiative 2002 (4) 8

Society’s Legal Education Department scheme to improve communications with each firm employing a trainee

Reflection on the law of rape

Whether the restated law of rape in Lord Advocate’s Reference No 1 of 2001 reflects contemporary attitudes or whether reform should have been left to Parliament

MDPs compromise core values

The debate about multi-disciplinary partnerships is set to continue despite the European Court Nova ruling supporting a prohibition against their being established

Maintaining the value of trust

A relationship of trust between solicitor and client is at the heart of a quality legal service

Website reviews

Reviews of a disability discrimination site and one dedicated to Scots law

Scheme for accounting for counsel’s fees

How the new scheme for accounting for counsel’s fees, operative from 1 May 2002, will work

Keeper’s corner

Roundup of recent developments at the Registers of Scotland

Clause 13: unlucky for some?

Clause 13 of the Motor Insurers’ Bureau Agreement poses fundamental problems for those involved in road traffic litigation and needs immediate action

The new summary cause and small claim rules

Introduction to the procedures under the new rules in force from 10 June 2002

AGM report

Highlights from the 2002 AGM of the Law Society of Scotland

Fairness – apparent and otherwise

Recent issues in criminal cases, including fairness, trials within trials, special knowledge confessions, delay, health and safety, breach of the peace, searches and human rights

Risk management roadshow review

A preview of the risk management roadshow series by considering topics considered at the previous year’s events

Strangled by red tape?

What solicitors need to know when advising clients on the new data protection code governing use by employers of employees’ personal data

Changes in special educational needs

The role of Enquire, the national advice service for special educational needs in Scotland

Scottish Solicitors’ Discipline Tribunal 2002

Reports relating to Gerald McMahon; Colin McFadyen; Lawrence Rew; Michael Gordon Robson


EU developments on legal aid; e-commerce; pensions; glossary of EU legal expressions

Book reviews

Review of A Brief Guide to the Human Rights Act in Relation to Housing