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From the archives - May 2002

Legal aid – property recovered or preserved

Society’s comment on Scottish Legal Aid Board guidelines regarding property recovered

Natural water boundaries and the Land Register

Revised guidelines have been agreed between the Society and the Keeper for the Keeper’s staff to apply in relation to natural water boundaries and the Land Register

Sleeping with the enemy

The benefits of applying the concept of “joint gain” in place of conflict

No compelling grounds for retrospective legislatio

Legislation to plug the loophole on intermediate diets could itself be open to challenge

Serving notices under the Mortgage Rights Act

A discussion of the doubts surrounding service of notices under the Mortgage Rights (Scotland) Act 2001

Breaking the mould

Craig Connal, the first solicitor advocate to be appointed Queen’s Counsel, talks about his appointment and the procedures leading up to it

Karl Construction strikes again

Latest civil cases, including jurisdiction; caveats; diligence on the dependence; minutes of tender; family actions

Lure of the law still strong

Interview with Duncan Hamilton, who has chosen a career in law ahead of being an MSP

More preparation for practitioners and sheriffs

Part 2 of Introduction to the procedures under the new Summary Cause and Small Claim Rules in force from 10 June 2002

The Preston front

Interview with new Law Society of Scotland President David Preston

Website reviews

Review of a Scots law site and one for the English law reports

Finding, keeping, sending

Some common techniques in making Internet Explorer and Outlook talk to each other

Omissions cause most claims

Case studies illustrating a variety of risk management points, most arising from omissions

In practice

Recent decisions of the Professional Practice Committee relating to court work

A modern way to meet

Report on growth in use of videoconferencing by the legal profession


The Eurodevil scheme; and updates on recognising professional qualifications; employment law; e-commerce

In and out of the Houses

Law Society of Scotland work on numerous Bills and legislative consultations in progress

Book reviews

Review of Palmer’s Limited Liability Partnership Law