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From the archives - December 2003

Staying awake, actually

President’s message: The year just ending had some good and bad bits, but the profession maintained its standards

Keep sane, if not sober

Some lighthearted tips on how to survive the office Christmas party

Obituary – Sheriff Frank Middleton

Obituary – Sheriff Frank Middleton

Money matters

Solicitors behind the first solicitors’ financial centres planned to open in Scotland explain their motives

Clear and present danger

The background to the Clementi review and the essential underlying issues facing the profession

For love or money

Despite its higher profile south of the border, Scots lawyers involved in pro bono work remain generally reluctant to talk about their good deeds

Setting off abroad

How to find the official guidance currently available on service of documents in EU member states, and the language required in each state or region

Legacy giving

Various contributions on the role solicitors can play in encouraging charitable giving in legacies

Marking out the pitch

How setting out terms of engagement and terms of business assists solicitors to manage clients’ expectations and minimise the risk of claims

A merry spam-free Christmas

Sending unsolicited marketing emails has just become more hazardous due to new regulations designed to restrict the practice

Opening up the bench

Interview with Sir Neil McIntosh, Chairman of the Judicial Appointments Board for Scotland

Value of the Unit

Recommended value of the Unit for 2004 and where to find changes to the Table of Fees

Bill Adams: an appreciation

Obituary of Bill Adams, former accountant with the Society

Victims find a voice

Description of a pilot scheme to allow victims’ accounts of the impact of an offence to be tendered in court prior to sentencing

Lawseal concludes

Society decides to terminate its public key infrastructure project Lawseal

Round the houses

A review of the current legislative programmes at Westminster and Holyrood

Law Commissions report on partnerships

The Law Commissions have published a joint report recommending reforms to partnership law

Allowing sexual questioning

Whether applications to allow questioning on a complainer’s sexual history are coming under sufficiently rigorous scrutiny

Scottish Solicitors’ Discipline Tribunal

Report relating to James Ian McAllister Stewart Sloan

Discrimination: widening the net

Religion or belief, and sexual orientation, are the latest subjects to be tackled by anti-discrimination employment legislation

New rights for farm tenants

An outline of the rights just brought into force under the Agricultural Holdings (Scotland) Act 2003

Protection sans frontieres

The Hague Convention on the International Protection of Adults (with incapacity) is ratified in the UK for Scotland only

Football’s financial red card

Football’s governing bodies are claiming the power to impose severe penalties on insolvent clubs

Website reviews

Reviews of solicitors’ property centre websites

Book reviews

Review of Goff and Jones on Restitution

Asbestos safety

The Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations 2002, in force in spring 2004, require careful study by property lawyers

Housing Improvement Task Force

Preparations are advancing for the introduction of the single survey pilot

SDLT: registration requirements

An update from the Registers on how to live with stamp duty land tax