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From the archives - February 2003

Accreditation in personal injury law

Guidance notes for applicants for the newly announced accredited specialism in personal injury law

Fee for preparation of account

An auditor’s or law accountant’s fee for assessing a solicitor’s fee from a file is not chargeable to the party paying without prior agreement

FSA - mortgage endowment complaints

Financial Sevices Authority has approved proposals to give mortgage endowment policyholders more time to complain if they believe their policy was mis-sold

Death certificate protocol

Death certificate verification form to be used in conjunction with protocol described in Vol 47 no 12 (December 2002), at page 16

Consistency needed on defective representation

The approach taken by the High Court to cases of allegedly inadequate representation needs to be clarified

Profitability squeezed for sole practitioners

The findings on the 2002 cost of time survey, offering an overview of the profitability of legal firms in Scotland

Effective Council helps profession flourish

A member for Glasgow describes a typical month in the life of a Law Society of Scotland Council member

What to expect in a mediation

A guide to the practicalities of being involved in resolving a dispute by mediation

Video evidence now a nuisance?

Latest criminal cases, including video evidence; delay; leniency; breach of the peace; search warrants; corroboration; sentencing procedure

Pleading for a collegiate profession

Interview with Len Murray, Glasgow solicitor and author of “The Pleader”

E-mail search warrants in seconds

The arguments in favour of encryption in criminal practice, used even by Mary Queen of Scots

Plain speaking

Part 8 of a series encouraging lawyers to use plain language in dealings with clients (punctuation)

Seven steps to effective risk management

Part 1 of a survey of practical steps, procedures and disciplines which assist solicitors in controlling professional risk and avoiding claims


EU update including legal profession; competition law; civil law

Book reviews

Review of The Law of Contract in Scotland