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From the archives - March 2003

Scottish Legal Voice

Launch of an internet-based networking and discussion forum for the legal profession

Authorised professional firms post n2

A reminder of the authorisation requirements under Part IV of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000

Powers of attorney and executries

Circumstances in which a solicitor acting as administrator of a client’s funds or in a representative capacity should have their fees assessed independently by an auditor

Conflict of interest rules: builders/developers

Professional Practice Committee agree relaxation to the conflict of interest rules where solicitors provide only an estate agency service to a builder or developer

Delivering a modern justice system

The Justice Minister reflects on the Executive’s record in reforming the justice system

Conveyancing aspects of cross border transactions

The main sets of standard conditions used for the sale of properties in England

What the more profitable firms are getting right

The findings on the 2002 cost of time survey, and the financial structures that make some firms more profitable than others

Structure your thoughts to cope with change

Despite an uncertain outlook, solicitors can still take control of their professional lives if they take time to think and plan

What price equality?

Equality before the law is often no more than an ideal

A handy tool for the family lawyer

Author recommends use of the section 3(5) deed of arrangement for family lawyers seeking to discharge parental responsibilities

Reminder of the need for separate craves

Latest civil cases, including wrong defenders; pleadings; decrees; conjoining actions; family actions; expenses; summary causes

It could happen to you

New Chief Executive of Legal Defence Union makes the case for signing up to membership

Reducing the burden of keeping track of time

The benefits of investing in electronic time recording applications

The Data Protection Act – what you need to know

Best practice for legal firms when dealing with issues under the 1998 Act

Seven steps to effective risk management

Part 2 of a survey of practical steps, procedures and disciplines which assist solicitors in controlling professional risk and avoiding claims

Client relations

The importance of communication in effective client relations

Plain speaking

Part 9 (end) of a series encouraging lawyers to use plain language in dealings with clients


EU update including legal aid; company law; civil law

Website reviews

Reviews of sites relating to consumer law

Book reviews

Review of International Law