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From the archives - April 2003

National launch of Scottish Schools Law Project

Official launch of a project to help school age children understand that laws bring responsibilities as well as rights

Responses by solicitors to MPs' and MSPs' queries

Recommendation that if solicitors receive requests for information from MPs or MSPs, they seek authority from the client concerned before responding

Time limits for making complaints

Guidance as to time limits set by the Society in entertaining complaints of professional misconduct or inadequate professional service

The reality of pension sharing

Part 1 of an actuary’s account of problems encountered in deciding how pension rights are to be divided on divorce

Clarifying the classic letter of obligation

Conveyancing Committee answers some common queries from practitioners

Commonsense approach to contaminated land

New requirements in the Council of Mortgage Lenders Handbook mean it is no longer possible for solicitors to ignore the issue of contaminated land

Contaminated land liabilities

Advice from Law Society of Scotland leaflet on what enquiries solicitors should make on contaminated land

“CML initiative” regarding new-build houses

A new procedure in England for an NHBC inspection of new houses before loan funds are released may soon come to Scotland

Risk management focus review

A preview of the risk management roadshow series by considering topics considered at the previous year’s events

Modernising justice

Response from Conservative justice spokesman to Justice Minister’s article in previous issue

Caveat spammer, caveat advertiser

Some new rules and regulations affecting junk email

May 1 elections

Interviews with lawyer candidates from each of the four main political parties in the Scottish Parliament elections

Costing solutions to common executry problems

A description of the options when instructing a genealogist


Common situations where the services of a genealogist might be required to trace missing beneficiaries

Website reviews

Reviews of sites offering free case law resources

Solicitors can promote legacy giving

Solicitors have a crucial role in explaining the possibilities of charitable bequests when clients are making wills

One-door regulator for charity sector

Report of Justice Minister’s announcement of a new body to support and regulate charities in Scotland

Client relations

Suggestions on how best to deal with a formal complaint

Open question on sentencing guidelines

Latest criminal cases, on judicial independence; district courts; plagium; consent; sentencing guidelines

Book reviews

Review of Construction and Procurement Law