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From the archives - June 2003

Hardening up the soft side

Teaching young would-be lawyers life skills would pay huge dividends both professionally and personally

Diversity of disciplines shape new business of law

Non-lawyers are becoming an increasingly important voice in law firm management

Credibility at stake in crisis of confidence

Various solutions are being considered to the problem of restoring public confidence in the civil enforcement system

Escape from Andersen

Managing partner Chris Campbell tells how Dundas & Wilson survived the collapse of Arthur Andersen

Let mediation take the strain

Authors recommend using mediation to resolve family law disputes and outline how solicitors can go about referring clients to mediation

Taming two imposters: triumph and disaster

Author’s experience of starting, and keeping going, his own practice

A brief history of time management

By working smarter you can increase your firm’s profits significantly

Executry practitioners run daily risks

Risks in will drafting and executry administration created by clients of uncertain capacity and powerful clients

Risk management

Areas of risk for trust and executry practitioners and some errors and omissions that have given rise to claims

New industry standard for online legal data

A new online legal information service has been developed by two lawyers from Orkney

Chhokar inquiry had cathartic effect on prosecutor

Interview with Norman McFadyen, Crown Agent

Certificates in title in commercial lending

Problem of variations in forms of certificate of title requested by banks lending over commercial property