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From the archives - July 2003

Firms lack capital ambition

The legal profession needs to stop underselling itself in order to meet the ambitions of its talented people

Rural law firms facing issues of succession

Concern that country practices could fade away unless a new generation of practitioners can be attracted

Acquiring masters degree can be rewarding business

A postgraduate qualification can offer a route to specialisation, and the value of an MBA in managing a legal firm can be enormous

Laying firm foundations for future growth

The hard choices those considering setting up their own practice must face before taking the plunge

Registering a trademark makes patently good sense

The implications of the US signing up to the Madrid Protocol

What makes a good partner?

Author discusses the attributes common in successful partnerships and suggests young solicitors need to be shown the route

Claims information before merger options

Risk issues to be considered when contemplating practice merger or acquisition and risk management issues to be considered before and after

Shortcut routine procedures by simple codes

Repetitive word processing can be reduced to a pre-defined set of keystrokes

Jamieson arrives with reforming agenda

Interview with new Justice Minister Cathy Jamieson

CPD from afar

Competence Committee has finalised guidance in relation to distance learning

Refining details of new civil legal aid scheme

Society is working with Scottish Executive and Scottish Legal Aid Board to implement civil legal aid reform

Round the houses

Survey of legislative activity in Scottish and Westminster Parliaments with some reference to Europe

Take care with the crave

Latest civil cases, including craves; designations; witnesses; authority to settle; joint minutes; expenses; pleadings

Essentials of the anonymous Budget

Part 1 of a round-up of the 2003 Budget and Finance Bill

Changing duty on commercial leases

Radical changes are pending to the amount of stamp duty paid on leases

Scottish Solicitors’ Discipline Tribunal

Report relating to George Lee McQuitty

Planning for the future – simplicity itself?

Some issues that could be addressed by the Scottish Parliament in a Planning Bill

Value of SOLAS qualification

Description of course and qualification offered by the Society of Law Accountants in Scotland

Website reviews

Reviews of sites of legal newspapers and news services

Book reviews

Review of Scottish Law of Leases

Commercial property transactions common standard

Property Standardisation Group promotes use of agreed documents and procedures in commercial property transactions