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From the archives - August 2003

Summertime and the living is easy

Lighthearted look at day in the life of a busy family practitioner

Merits of modern partnership structure

Firms that have converted to limited liability partnership explain their reasons

LLPs and PII – frequently asked questions

Professional indemnity insurance implications of a practice being established as, or converted to, a limited liability partnership

Always protect your partnership in times of crisis

Business protection insurance can mitigate the crisis caused by the death or critical illness of a key partner

A decade of disputed advice

Part 2 of a review of opinions on professional negligence in conveyancing matters given over the past 10 years

Far-reaching financial consequences of flawed agre

Part 2 of an actuary’s account of problems encountered in deciding how pension rights are to be divided on divorce: drafting the agreement

How to make client care programmes work

Research has shown there is no direct relationship between customer satisfaction and profitability

Winning the game of risk

No area of practice is free from risk, but solicitors can all take steps to manage the risks they face

Cut down on account preparation time

How to edit Visual Basic code manually to reduce time spent preparing accounts

Mental health database

A database of solicitors dealing with incapacity, disability and mental health law is now available on the Society’s website

New complaints handling system at the Society

Description of the Society’s procedure for handling client complaints in force from 1 September 2003

Muddying the waters on admissibility of hearsay ev

Latest criminal cases, including hearsay; cross examination; trial within a trial; road traffic

Conveyancers must be aware of changes to stamp dut

Part 1 of a round-up of the 2003 Budget and Finance Bill looks at various taxes including the new stamp duty land tax

Employment briefing

Three consultation exercises launched by the Department of Trade and Industry in July 2003

Privacy v expression: battle of Convention rights

Recent cases involving celebrities, newspapers and magazines have raised the question whether we need a specific privacy law to protect individuals’ rights

New protocol is major step forward on child abduct

A protocol between the UK and Pakistan may allow an additional remedy in relation to children abducted or threatened with abduction to or from Pakistan

Website reviews

Reviews of the websites of Scottish legal professional bodies

Book reviews

Review of Dynamic Practice Development

Difficulties of descriptions of exclusive garden

Keeper’s update on register of community interests; ARTL; exclusive ground in tenement properties

Checklist for stamp duty applications

Points to remember when submitting an application for stamping to the Inland Revenue