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From the archives - January 2004

Wanted: debaters, and reporters

President's message: The Society needs members to contribute to the debate on the Clementi review; and if they can, to volunteer as reporters to help the new complaints system

Small firms: tackling the profit problem

Small firms are no different to larger firms when it comes to the essentials of financial health

Who is the family business client?

Writer's view that answering this critical but complex question is central to resolving a family business's succession issues

Winning your service game

Current President of the Family Firm Institute explains what a family business consultant is and how they fit into a professional service firm

A near-death experience

One client's tale of how a lack of understanding by professional advisers almost killed off a family business

Managing those tensions

A Family Council, sitting alongside the main board of a family business, can play a vital role in fostering the essential element of trust

Full strength DECAF

A look at the regulation aspects of the Clementi review

What should the new Sentencing Commission do?

Writer's view that the Sentencing Commission's first priority must be to develop a strategy to counter public misinformation

A brush with the law

Profiles of lawyers who combine their work with an artistic talent

The truth and the whole truth

Suggestd ways of conducting staff surveys to improve motivation

See, hear, speak no html

The Disability Discrimination Act contains potential pitfalls for the website designer

Looking back, going forward

A review of the risk and risk management issues considered over the past year and suggested new year's resolutions to address these in risk management planning for the forthcoming year

Professional practice: offers for property

Professional Practice Committee advice on "gazumping" offers and offers submitted by non-solicitor businesses

Free movement in the EU

Note of European Court decision concerning free movement of trainee lawyers within the EU

Disqualified directors - DTI crackdown

Department of Trade and Industry has set up a hotline as part of a crackdown on persons flouting director disqualification orders

Inhibition on the dependence lives on

Latest civil cases, including diligence on the dependence; decree in absence; options hearings; mortgage payments and res judicata; tenders

Framework for debt payment takes shape

Rules covering debt arrangement schemes, and reforms to personal insolvency, are out for consultation

Wake up to disability

Why the licensed trade needs to prepare for the next phase of the Disability Discrimination Act

Mind the gap

The equal pay gap is proving difficult to close but further measures to assist the disadvantaged employee are coming into force

The new dance called "Electricity"

The Crofting Acts need to be simplified if landlords and tenants are to benefit from windfarming payouts

Website reviews

Reviews of online legal advice and information providers

Book reviews

Review of Company Law (Greens Concise Scots Law)

Conveyancing - not much change in 400 years

The work of the Society's Conveyancing Committee

Ironing out settlements and SDLT

Undertakings which may be given at settlement in relation to stamp duty land tax which do not impact on the classic letter of obligation

The new law of real burdens

First of six-part article on the law of real burdens post-feudal abolition

Housing Improvement Task Force

The Single Survey Steering Group has considered the distribution of the survey to prospective purchasers, its content and hidden defects insurance

Opening the query lines

Update from the Registers on stamp duty land tax; market research; house price trends and an online information service