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From the archives - October 2004

Citizenship, society and solicitors

President's message: The role of solicitors in society and as guardians of the public interest has been prominent in presidential activities this past month

The well unfair state

Refusals of benefit on the basis of inadequate medical examinations cause needless distress to claimants and expense to the Appeals Service

Litigation nation

Author's view that media headlines about compensation claims seldom reflect the reality of litigation

Best medicine

Personal view by retiring Convener of the Society's Legal Aid Committee of what the key players in legal aid must each face up to for it to work fairly

Take a deep breath

Experiences of the latest (and largest) firms to convert to limited liability partnership status

What title?

Why title to seek orders such as contact orders is not confined to those entitled to apply for an order conferring parental rights

Walk this way?

How the new rights of access to land in Scotland trust the public to be responsible

Know your strategy

How knowledge management and information technology interact, and the questions to ask in order to devise an effective strategy


Risk management procedures relating to a practice's outgoing correspondence and, in particular, the risks involved in managing email correspondence

The researchers

Without hard, research-backed information on how a firm is perceived in its marketplace, its partners will struggle to reach meaningful decisions on key business issues

Rights out of anarchy

Interview with Alan Miller, one of an international team instructing Iraqi lawyers on international human rights

1998 guideline reminder

Society reminds practitioners of the 1998 guideline regarding proper practice where clients wish to delay concluding missives

APEX honour for Murray

Summary of second annual APEX lecture given by Society's President Duncan Murray

Practising certificate fees 2004-05

Subscription fees for 2004-05 as approved by the Society's special general meeting in September 2004

Society nails it

Fundraising ventures by the Society's staff have raised £6,000 for Children with Leukaemia

Political correctness or positive change?

Society's Deputy Director, Education and Training, and manager of its diversity brief, examines what diversity means and its relevance to the Society and the profession

IHT changes to affect confirmations

Changes to "excepted estates" rules from 1 November 2004 affect applications for confirmation

Steering clear

Latest criminal cases, including random breath tests; Moorov rule; child witnesses; witness statements; sentencing

How far can a board go?

The House of Lords decision in Stewart v Perth and Kinross Council has implications for conditions attached to liquor licences that seek to control price-promotion offers of drink

Major role for new tribunal

Briefing to introduce the Mental Health Tribunal for Scotland, as it prepares to take over the sheriff's jurisdiction

The race is on (again)

The "race to the registers" is up and running again as a result of the House of Lords' decision in Burnett's Trustee v Grainger

Planning a superhighway

The planning process has made a big leap forward with online services now a permitted alternative to paper in many cases

Website reviews

Reviews of miscellaneous very useful websites containing office tools

Book reviews

Review of Unjustified Enrichment (Volume 1)

Single survey's lonely heart

The public, and profession, have still to be persuaded to adopt the single survey, but the Society still believes it essential that members engage with the pilot schemes

In harmony

The Property Standardisation Group has been quietly advancing the cause of standard documentation in commercial transactions

Clearing the path

Keeper's Corner giving latest updates on RCIL; e-payment; customer service; feudal abolition