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From the archives - November 2004

Drafting consumer contracts

Guidance on drafting consumer contracts and ensuring compliance with the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999

Virtual firms: transactional learning on the web

How today's Diploma students are introduced to legal transactions in a virtual environment

Ignorantia juris: it's all Greek to me

Second annual APEX lecture given by the President of the Law Society of Scotland, on the rule of law and its essential components

Sheriff Court Rules Council consultation paper

Consultation on proposals for further extension of the use of information technology in civil cases in the sheriff court (response date: 15 November 2004)

The Clinical Trials Directive - a summary

What the EU Clinical Trials Directive means for trials of medicinal products

Guarding the inner sanctum

How to minimise the risk of breaches of internet security

Neighbours in the global village

President's message: lawyers round the world take note of what happens in this country

Family law: is it the path for you?

Not enough young lawyers are coming into family law, but it is a challenging and rewarding area of practice that more should consider

From sunset to sunrise

Reflections on feudalism, one of the longest-lived features of Scots law

What next for conveyancing?

Four leading property lawyers offer their predictions for the next major changes

An ethical minefield

The legal setting for stem cell research, as the first Scottish application to clone human embryos is considered

Shredding the evidence

The profession will benefit from the move towards paperless sheriff court actions

Robbing the poor?

Author's view that Scottish Consumer Council proposals to raise the civil jurisdiction limits disregard the needs of the most vulnerable litigants

Our dynamic profession

Chair of the 2004 Nothing.but.the.Net conference reports on the conference and solicitors' enthusiasm for keeping up with IT developments

A wider angle

Why firms should spend time considering the significant risks to their business plans; the nature of strategic risk; and the elements of a successful strategic risk process

Keep the eye on the ball

Author's view, against the background of the current review of legal education, that there are strengths in the present Diploma that are underestimated at present

A rough guide to becoming a partner

Some ground rules for those near the beginning of their legal career with an eye on a partnership in a legal firm one day

Rediscovering hope

Interview with Netta MacIver and Sophia Young of the "218" project for rehabilitating women offenders

Home Office lets solicitors certify English

Solicitors can now certify that applicants for British citizenship are native English speakers or fluent in English

Master policy: criminal court undertaking

Criminal court work for purposes of Master Policy premium discount does not include sheriff court references from children's panels or police disciplinary hearings

Intervention orders guidance

Mental Welfare Commission has issues guidance booklet on when applications for welfare guardianship and intervention orders should authorise significant interventions

Mail return address essential

Royal Mail introduces new requirements for franked mail to bear a return address for it to be returned when undeliverable

Commissioners' interest rate

Rate of interest on landed securities from Whitsunday 2004

Sharpen your pencils

Latest civil cases, including arrestment; caution for expenses; decree by default; written submissions; judicial knowledge; family actions; ASBOs; intervention orders; taxing solicitors' accounts

Significant other

The Information and Consultation Directive will have major consequences for most employers, including legal firms, but those who act now can tailor it to their own situation

Too far or not enough?

Responses to Executive consultation show support for new legislation to regulate parental rights and responsibilities, but potentially conflicting interests must be safeguarded

Chipping away the infringers?

Sony has won a ruling that UK sales of the Messiah2 chip, which circumvent Playstation 2 copy protection systems, infringe its copyright

View from Holyrood

Issues currently before the Scottish Parliament, including whether to raise the small claims limit

Website reviews

Reviews of sites concerned with the governance of Scotland

Book reviews

Review of Privacy and the Press

The Registers and the Appointed Day

Summaries of recent Registers Updates covering the transition to post-feudal land tenure

Feudal law: not just a relic

The provisions relating to compensation for loss of feuduty in the Abolition of Feudal Tenure etc (Scotland) Act 2000 may be very significant

Birth of a register

Description of the new Register of Scotttish Baronies, privately created to safeguard the market in Dignities after the Dignity of a barony ceases to be a registrable title