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From the archives - February 2004

It's a funny old world

President's message: issues concerning the legal profession at present seem to be threatening to achieve the opposite of what they intend

Making the ends of justice meet

Getting a return on additional spending on the justice system is a challenge for the whole profession

Training for growth

Different larger, mid-sized firms give their answers to the question of how far they should specialise in setting a strategy for growth

All the grocer's grandchildren

The economic and business implications of the Tesco Law model, against the background of the Clementi review

Radical change or a lie in law?

A look at the rights proposed to follow from planned legislation for registration of same-sex partnerships

Costing the job

A preview of important developments in employment law likely in 2004

Are you listening?

The likely impact of Part III of the Disability Discrimination Act on the lawyer as service provider

Much ado about nothing?

Discussion of the Court of Appeal decision in Durant v Financial Services Authority

Demergers and continuing cover

Professional indemnity insurance issues that require to be addressed in the event of a law firm demerger

Bond with the audience

First of two articles on effective public speaking: how to get the audience on your side

Prison visiting times accessible

Scottish Prison Service website now contains details of visiting times applicable in prisons throughout Scotland

Interest on landed securities

Rate applicable from Martinmas 2003

EU rulings on litigation rights

Recent EU developments on in-house lawyers' rights; anti-suit orders; fees in cross-border cases

Many roles, one team

Profile of the Society's Professional Practice Department and its work

Fee sharing: making the rules work

A report on the Professional Practice Committee's review of the Fee Sharing Rules, clarifying aspects of how the current rules operate

Chapter 10: watch this space

Enhanced Chapter 10 fees are coming, but their general acceptance by insurers depends on finalisation of a pre-action protocol

Surveyor Ombudsman launch

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors in Scotland has launched a Surveyor Ombudsman Scheme to consider complaints arising from all chartered surveying services offered across Scotland

On sentencing

Author welcomes the important Du Plooy decision on sentence discounts for pleas of guilty

Credit reform by instalments

Major reforms to consumer credit law are coming, but in the author's view perhaps not in the best order

Scottish Solicitors' Discipline Tribunal

Reports relating to Finlay Park; Michael Louis Karus; James Joseph McDonagh; Alan Alexander Craig

Show us the evidence!

Guidance from the Scottish Executive on obtaining testimony from another EU state

A new era for farm tenancy law

Minister for Environment and Rural Development writes in support of the new Agricultural Holdings Act

Fathers' rights: a new UK postcode lottery?

Unmarried fathers who jointly register the birth of their child with the mother now have parental rights and responsibilities in England but not in Scotland

Parallel imports: putting on the brakes

The Inner House decision in Boehringer Ingelheim v Munro is good news for trade mark owners and bad news for parallel importers

Website reviews

Review of websites of public inquiries such as the Hutton and Fraser inquiries

Book reviews

Review of Personal Injury Practice in the Sheriff Court

SDLT 1: Over the obstacle course

What to do in the event of delays or errors in processing stamp duty land tax applications: guidance following discussions between the Society and the Inland Revenue

SDLT 2: Personal presentation

Guidelines as to when the special arrangements for personal presentation of stamp duty land tax applications may be invoked, and what to do

The new law of real burdens

Second of six-part article on the law of real burdens post-feudal abolition

Housing Improvement Task Force

Report on progress towards the launch of the single survey pilot and important matters still to be settled