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From the archives - March 2004

Consumers and their guardians

President's message: All those who claim to be acting in the consumer's interest as the profession comes under review should address the question, what does that really mean?

For the United Kingdom?

Opinion column suggesting that the proposed Supreme Court will operate as part of the English court system if it is entrusted to the same civil servants

Law meets its maker

Interview with Lord Falconer, the Lord Chancellor, on the future regulation of the legal profession

Falconer's safe landing

Report of lecture by Lord Falconer, Lord Chancellor, to the WS Society on the creation of the proposed UK Supreme Court, and the audience reaction

Competition and the solicitor

Competition law aspects of the review of regulation of the legal profession, and how current professional rules might co-exist with new categories of legal adviser

Flying the flag in finance

Chief Executive of Scottish Financial Enterprise on the importance of the financial services sector to the Scottish economy and the opportunities for Scottish solicitors

Last piece of the jigsaw

An outline of the Tenements (Scotland) Bill and how far it will innovate on the common law

A good year for most firms

The results of the 2003 Cost of Time Survey as they reflect the profitability of law firms in Scotland

System addicts

Providers of case management systems tell of new efforts to bring such systems within the means of smaller practices

Putting theory into practice

First of two articles on teaching practice management argues that teaching needs to be more closely aligned to the academic study of law

The corporate challenge

Discussion of risk management issues which arise in corporate and commercial transactions, highlighting good practices which can minimise the risk of professional negligence claims

Make money out of IT

Some simple but essential rules to follow to ensure that investment in management information systems is not money wasted

A first-rate presentation

Second of two articles on effective public speaking highlights the key stages of preparation

The usual experts?

Providers of expert services discuss the proper use of expert evidence and the problems that can arise in locating and instructing expert witnesses

Obituary: David Stewart Williamson

Obituary: David Stewart Williamson

FSA guidance on promotions

Financial Services Authority has provided guidance on disclosure required of FSA-authorised solicitors undertaking non-real-time financial promotions

Pearls of wisdom

Profile of the Society's Law Reform Department and Committee, through discussion with Director Michael Clancy and Convener Morag Driscoll

Work in progress

The possible effect on firms' cash flow of changes to accounting practice over work in progress

The quality assurance scheme

A note of progress towards the new scheme, to be introduced as part of the civil legal aid reforms

FAI practice note

A Sheriffdom of Lothian and Borders practice note makes provision for the holding of a preliminary hearing before a fatal accident inquiry

Fair hearing with prior knowledge?

Latest civil cases, including impartiality; parental rights; party litigants; creditors' oaths; expert witnesses

Scottish Solicitors' Discipline Tribunal

Reports relating to Messrs Simpson & Marwick, WS and Paul F Wade; John Mark Sutherland-Fisher; Robert Thomas Ross Ballantyne

Managing the timetable

Some practical advice on the procedural requirements relating to guardianship applications

Are landlords' fears justified?

Author attempts to clarify the new obligations of agricultural landlords relating to fixed equipment

Caps the stars don't want

A look at the legal and practical issues over capping footballers' wages

Website reviews

Reviews of websites of sheriff officers and messengers-at-arms

Book reviews

Reviews of Abolition of Feudal Tenure in Scotland; New Partner's Guide to Management

Best foot forward?

Chairman of the group which proposed the single survey scheme offers his view as to why it offers a positive way forward

The new law of real burdens

Third of six-part article on the law of real burdens post-feudal abolition