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From the archives - May 2004

Thank you to a great team

President's message: as he leaves office, he pays tribute to the Socity's staff and his fellow office-bearers

Justice and independence

Is it unthinkable that a nationalised legal service be introduced to help the legal system deliver to the bulk of the population?

Take the low road

A personal view of the findings of the McInnes Report's proposals to improve the speed and consistency of the summary justice system

Pensions crisis, what crisis?

Survey of recent attempts to resolve the pensions crisis, through various consultations, regulations and now the Pensions Bill

Whale... or rabbit?

The prospects for early reforms to family law on the lines put forward in the Scottish Executive's recent consultation paper

Blissful union?

Solicitors with experience of successful practice mergers, and one for whom it didn't work, talk of the essential elements in each case

Cracking up

Suggestions for coping with stress at work, and where to go for help if that is needed

The big 3

The challenge of compiling a risk management manual - focus first on three key areas of risk management

Personal attention

Whether the Information Commissioner's new guidance following the Durant case makes data subject rights any clearer for lawyers as advisers, employers and business owners

Looking forward to retirement?

First of four articles for those considering retirement: some points to think about

Grasping the issues

Interview with new President of the Law Society of Scotland, Duncan Murray

Jamieson sets out stall for reform

Report of Justice Minister Cathy Jamieson's address to newly qualified solicitors

New environmental law specialism

The Society is introducing a specialist accreditation in environmental law

Interim rises in legal aid

Justice Minister has agreed interim rises in some legal aid rates and previews further reforms

Appeal court approves adoption practice

A Sheriffdom of Lothian and Borders practice note on eficient management of contested adoption and parental responsibilities proceedings has been approved by the Inner House

Credit balance

Profile of the Chief Accountant's Department of the Society, emphasising the financial probity of Scottish solicitors

No warrant for refusal

Latest civil cases, including warrant to cite; sist; suing an association; reponing; appeals; pleadings; preliminary proofs; decrees; tenders

Holding our breath

There are a number of potentially far-reaching developments which employment lawyers should be looking out for in the near future

Scottish Solicitors' Discipline Tribunal

Reports relating to Kevin John Boyd; John Alistair Munro Armit; Valerie Elaine McKenzie Macadam; Carol Jennifer Neilson

Personality rights: a brand new species?

Lucrative product endorsements combined with promotional use of celebrity recognition make it likely that a new category of IP rights will emerge

Beware of Companies House disclaimers

Disclaimers published by Companies House in relation to information supplied mean that there are pitfalls for the unwary when searching its registers

Website reviews

Reviews of websites dealing with social security law

Book reviews

Review of Environmental Pollution Law and Commercial Transactions

The new law of real burdens

Fifth of six-part article on the law of real burdens post-feudal abolition

Deductions of title

Style deduction of title clauses for linking deeds in the name of Woolwich Building Society or Woolwich Plc to their successors Barclays Bank Plc.

New Edinburgh PEC service

New property enquiry certificate service from Edinburgh Council, including an online service

Waste paper?

Authors' advice to the Keeper (not in the same form) on whether automated registration of title can be introduced without primary legislation