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From the archives - June 2004

A year full of challenge

President's message: the next 12 months will see a renewed focus on core values - but the profession must remain committed to service

EU is for opportunity

There are investment opportunities for businesses in the EU accession states which Scottish lawyers and legal firms should not overlook

Hearing a new tale

As the Executive undertakes a fundamental review of the children's hearing system, some of those with inside knowledge of the system comment on whether it works well

Ice cream verbals

A solicitor with the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission examines the "ice cream wars" appeal by Campbell and Steele, and the issues arising from this and similar cases in England

Pull together

The WS Society and ICAS are planning a sharing of ideas on the future for professional services firms

All change

An explanation of the amendments to the various sheriff court rules recently brought into force

Partners... no more

Some tips for managing when a partner, or a whole team, walks out on the firm

Death by email

Forward-thinking lawyers can turn email security to advantage with a simple web hosting package and log-in database

Get a service

The part that independent file reviews can play in managing the risk of claims and client dissatisfaction

Preparing to go

Second of four articles on preparing for retirement: there is no point in keeping the plan secret

OSCR for directing

Interview with Jane Ryder, Director of the Office of the Scottish Charities Regulator

Murray and Flanagan installed for 2004-05

Report of installation of new President and Vice President

Bogus calls warning

The Society has become aware that some solicitors have been contacted by people professing to be from the Society who are not in fact employees

Child witnesses

A third document, "Guidance on Child Witness Court Familiarisation Visits", has been published as part of the Child Witness Support Guidance Pack

From the Brussels office

EU update on maintenance recovery; fair trials

AGM report

Reports from the 2004 AGM of the Society

SLAB criteria: Court of Session

Scottish Legal Aid Board clarification of its attitude to Court of Session proceedings in relation to the availability of jury trial

Quality assurance goes live

An update on implementation of the quality assurance scheme peer review process

SLAB right to refuse court fees

Where assisted clients are exempt from paying court fees, the Scottish Legal Aid Board is right to refuse to reimburse solicitors who have erroneously paid fees

A three way process

A tight timetable has been agreed to finalise reforms to civil advice and assistance that will accompany an increase in rates in the autumn

Education generation

Liz Campbell and Neil Stevenson, Director and Deputy Director of the Society's Education and Training Department, talk about the constantly changing environment in which they work

Limits of Anderson appeals

Latest criminal cases, including defective representation; justice being seen to be done; compensation orders

Through a glass less darkly

The future shape of licensing law becomes a little clearer with the launch of the Executive's white paper

Giving within your means

Scottish Community Foundation scheme permits small charities and individual donors to share costs while each keeping control of their favoured purposes

Catching all helpers

Everyone involved in help, paid or voluntary, with children's sporting activities will need clearance under the new child protection law

Scottish Solicitors' Discipline Tribunal

Reports relating to Michael McNiven; Messrs Stirling & Mair; William Morton McCulloch

Book reviews

Review of The Lockerbie Trial: A Documentary History

Mining Reports Service update

The Coal Authority's Mining Reports Service provides information on past, present and future underground and surface coal mining activity for any individual property or site in Britain

The new law of real burdens

Sixth and last part of description of the law of real burdens post-feudal abolition