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From the archives - July 2004

Pushing ahead with a modernising agenda

President's message: New rules and legislative powers will be a positive move for the Society and the profession

Equality for the employed

In-house lawyers want a regulatory regime that ensures equal treatment and avoids unnecessary costs and bureaucracy

Break point

A survey of the growing range of disputes in Scotland that are moved forward by solicitors' strategic use of the mediation process

The devil in the detail

First of two articles on the 2004 Budget and Finance Act (tax rates and reliefs, income tax on pre-owned assets)

The work goes on

The responses to the Clementi consultation paper from Scotland and elsewhere, and what happens next on this side of the border

Identity crisis

Two important family cases (Bellinger v Bellinger, and Re LU and LB) which have each caused some surprise

The lawmen in black

Profiles of Scottish solicitors who double as top football referees

Degrees of insight

The career benefits from a postgraduate degree course

Image and reality

How the modern law firm librarian is able to take on a valuable role improving client service and enhancing the firm's fee-eaning potential

Terminal settlement

A survey of the types of process available for settling disputes online and the scope for practising the lawyer's art

The informed client

The challenge of ensuring clients are properly informed before they execute documents, give instructions or otherwise commit themselves to a course of action

Counting down

Third of four articles on preparing for retirement: a checklist of important points to remember over the planning period leading up to retirement

Youth passport up and running

The Young Citizen's Passport Scotland, produced in association with the Society, offers a pocket-sized guide to legal issues most relevant to young people

Multiple claims: Stockline Disaster Group

Group has been formed by a number of solicitors who represent victims and relatives of deceased victims of the Stockline disaster

Major rule changes on the way

Society seeks power to suspend solicitors who fail to respond to client complaint investigations, and plans further rules regarding letters of engagement and firms' client relations procedures

Wood's words of wisdom

Report of Sheriff Lindsay Wood's address to newly qualified solicitors

SCC plans Coulsfield Report

Lord Coulsfield is to head an advisory group in a Scottish Consumer Council initiative to explore the need to modernise Scotland's civil justice system

Environmental advice online

A free website has been launched by UK environmental regulators to help small businesses understand their environmental obligations and perform them better

RICS offer ADR

The RICS Dispute Resolution Service has launched a new service for resolving dilapidations disputes

Speaking for the firm

Latest civil cases, including appearance for a firm; joint and several liability; pleadings; expenses; criminal convictions; family reports; supplementary notes; decrees

Does the EU Regulation work?

Despite the EU Insolvency Regulation, a new situation of competing jurisdictional claims has come to light

Power to the people?

Despite much public discussion the prospects for third party rights to appeal planning permissions remain unclear

Website reviews

Reviews of websites of leading law libraries

Book reviews

Review of Maximising Criminal Injuries Compensation

New build: getting the loan funds

Policy adviser to Council of Mortgage Lenders describes an important pending change in releasing loan funds for new build houses

CML Scotland members - contact list

A list of contact details to use if solicitors are experiencing difficulties obtaining deeds, papers or cheques from a particular lender

Keeper's Corner

Update from the Registers on quality standards; policy post-feudal abolition; Ordnance maps; Register of Community Interests in Land

RCIL and community rights

How the Register of Community Interests in Land will operate

Single survey: at last?

Remaining difficulties appear to have been resolved and the single survey pilot will start in mid-July

SDLT: no more Mr Nice Guy

Inland Revenue announce end of special administrative arrangements to help the transition to stamp duty land tax