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From the archives - August 2004

Making the system work

President's message: the profession needs to examine what it can do to maintain the Scottish house purchase system and reinforce its benefits

Sole survivors?

A sole practitioner asks whether sole practitioners can hope to survive in the increasingly complex environment in which solicitors have to operate

Firm foundations

Co-author of the Society's "Foundation Document" on professional legal education in the 21st century, sets out the background and the document's objectives

The paper trail

Second part of article on the year's Budget and Finance Act (Pensions, corporation tax, SDLT, avoidance schemes)

Private lives in public

The UK's uncertain progress towards recognising a right to privacy has taken another twist with two recent decisions

IT: what next?

Various IT providers describe currently available software

Roll again

Consideration of a sample of matters intimated to the Master Policy insurers, to identify common themes and common solutions

Destiny's child

Guidance approved by the Professional Practice and Civil Procedure Committees, for solicitors taking instructions from a child's legal representative or guardian in relation to a money claim on behalf

The great day comes

Last of four part series on retirement offers some tips to enhance the quality of post-working life

SOX education

The major ramifications of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act on accounting standards, the Basel II Agreement on bank capital, and the draft EU Auditing Directive, for IT managers and IT systems

SSDT website launches

Scottish Solicitors' Discipline Tribunal has a new website covering decisions since 1995

Trainee salaries

Recommended rates from 1 July 2004

ICAS Tax update

Law Society of Scotland in conjunction with ICAS would like to provide free access for members to ICAS' electronic newsletter for tax matters

SDLT penalties alert

Procedures to be followed by the Inland Revenue in future where stamp duty land tax returns are incomplete

Peer review: staying on target

A commentary by the Society on the Quality Assurance Peer Review Scheme for civil legal aid, in force since 1 July 2004


Jim Wheelans – as he was affectionately known – was a man of many parts. He was a Borderer through and through; a soldier of distinction; and a pre-eminent solicitor in the field of private practice.

Time, gentlemen?

Latest criminal cases, including sentencing discounts; non-disclosure by Crown; support for proscribed organisations; circumstantial prof; road traffic

Plain English has landed

Two sets of rules in force from October 2004 rewrite employment tribunal procedure - and the requirements for bringing a claim

Tangle o' the Isles

The Isles decision precluding recourse to the Child Support Agency where there is a registered minute of agreement has been questioned in the Outer House

Hunting down the pirates

New EU directive will add firepower to brand owners' weapons against infringement and piracy

Scottish Solicitors' Discipline Tribunal

Reports relating to Donald Stewart Duncan; Michael Charles Gray; Marie Angelo Land

Website reviews

Reviews of sites dealing with the meanings of words

Book reviews

Reviews of Glossary of Legal Terms; Social Work and the Law in Scotland

How much law, anyway?

A paper from an Update seminar, on where the balance lies between law and practice in the modern conveyancing transaction, and some difficult situations to which the current law can give rise

FSA's net widens

A preview of the pending assumption of responsibility by the Financial Services Authority for regulation of mortgage arrears and repossessions