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From the archives - September 2004

Profession's voice must be heard

President's message: North American lawyers agree: the profession's role in safeguarding the rule of law has to be highlighted to enhance its image

Let the cameras speak

Televising court proceedings as they happen would educate the public and meet their democratic right to see what is being done in their name

Vision on

What the forthcoming website The Journal Online will offer

Forgive us our debts

The main features of the current Scottish Executive proposals for bankruptcy and diligence reform, and a few points of concern

Written down

The likely detail of the regulations covering debt arrangement schemes

DAS: the broader picture

The new debt arrangement schemes in context and their likely impact

A lost message

Writer's view that the Scottish Executive's proposal to abolish the existing officers of court and constitute them as "court enforcement officers" would deforce core principles of law

For the greater good

The increasing prominence of "corporate social responsibility" through its use as a marketing tool by the larger firms and the wider business community

Start your engines

Some design tips to improve the chances of internet users finding a firm's website

Are you covered?

In the lead-up to Master Policy renewal time, suggestions for reviewing a firm's limit of indemnity and assessing and benchmarking risk management performance by reference to claims record

Opportunity knocks

Career development is not just a matter of acquiring a specialism, but of refining transferable skills to help make the most of career opportunities that may suddenly present themselves

Rock bottom?

The warning signs of a possible drink problem and where to go for confidential help

BAILII looks for help

The charitable trust which provides free primary legal materials for the UK and Ireland over the internet, is seeking new funding to support its continued expansion

On level ground

Professional Practice Committee guidelines for compliance with professional rules when undertaking immigration, nationality and asylum work

Taking freedom seriously

Interview with Kevin Dunion, Information Commissioner for Scotland

Passing game

All solicitors who wish to become registered with the Scottish Football Association as players' agents must pass the players' agent exam

Master policy: Society responds

The Society has submitted its response to the Office of Fair Trading, investigating the compatibility of the Master Policy with the Competition Act

Accounts rules changes

A note of amendments to the Accounts Rules in force from 1 September 2004

Taking out abuse

The main provisions of the Protection from Abuse (Scotland) Act 2001 and an appeal by the Society for practitioners' experiences of its working

Be ready for the options hearing

Latst civil cases, including options hearings; arrestment on the dependence; furthcoming; pleadings; motions; contact orders; third party expenses; appeals

Now it's collaborative

Mediation in family cases is taken a step further as the first Scottish solicitors complete their training in collaborative law

Winning around a table

The Court of Arbitration for Sport played a crucial role in the destiny of a number of Olympic medals

Website reviews

Reviews of sites that can help plan a journey around Scotland

Scottish Solicitors' Discipline Tribunal

Report relating to Alistair Iain Macdonald

Book reviews

Reviews of Opinions on Professional Negligence in Conveyancing; Comparative Tax Law; Women in the Law

Beware all conveyancers!

The community right to buy requires precautions to be taken by all conveyancers and not just those dealing with what is obviously rural property

A-day looms closer

Update on arrangements in relation to feudal abolition and the new title conditions provisions