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From the archives - October 2005

Back on the home front

President's message: as the international conference season draws to a close, a typically full domestic agenda is set to take over

Exchanging the "missive"

Opinion column that Scotland would benefit from a standard form contract for sale of residential property, such as is used in Queensland, Australia

Perfect pitch

Survey of views on what achieves best results in tendering for legal work, plus some expert tips for success

Tales from the court

Recent Court of Session family law cases, where people behaving badly have made life difficult for all

The going rate

The factors affecting a firm's business rates bill and the policy issues still facing the Executive following the change to the poundage rate

Licence please

The Executive's plans for managing the transition to the new licensing regime, and whether the concessions for existing rights will mean much in practice

"Your call is important to us..."

The varied responses received by one client from his local firms when he sought advice over the phone about a problem

Wake up to .eu

Businesses with a web presence need to be alert to the implications of the new breed of .eu domain names

Know your boundaries

Risk management in relation to boundary disrepancies and disputes, ways of resolving them when they arise and examples of Master Policy claims

Outside in

Interview with Angela Morgan, Director of Families Outside, the organisation supporting families with a relative in prison

Incapacity and legal aid

Recent statutory change regarding means assessment of adults with incapacity where legal advice and assistance is applied for

New committee broadens outlook

Remit and membership of the new Access to Justice Committee

More help for child witnesses

Booklets and a CD published by the Executive to help prepare young people for going to court

Plan now for tax hit

Advice to plan for pending changes to work-in-progress taxation, and the Society's efforts to mitigate their effect

Multiple actions

Enquiry from the solicitor for a customer of the Royal Bank of Scotland, from whom reimbursement is claimed following unauthorised activities by a bank employee

CRO case study: failure to implement settlement

The solicitor who reached a settlement of a client complaint, then failed to implement the agreement

CPD: the changes

The new administrative procedure for recording CPD hours

Checks and balances

The role of non-solicitor reporters in the Society's complaints handling system, with views of individual reporters on what the work means to them

Policy and practice

Latest criminal cases, including the Moorov doctrine, knife crime, breach of the peace, evidence, sentencing options, dangerous driving, and latitude in charges

Supporting credentials

The government-supported Council for the Registration of Forensic Practitioners is steadily extending the scope of its scheme for accrediting expert witnesses

Infrastructure: who pays?

Moves to put the use in practice of section 75 planning agreements on a proper legal basis

Protective awards unprotected

The Court of Appeal decision on whether employees' protective awards are entitled to priority in an administration

Website reviews

Interesting and useful sites relating to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme

Book reviews

Review of Handbook on the European Arrest Warrant

New terms for old

Introducing the 2005 editions of the JCT and NEC standard form contracts

Keeper's corner

Update on the ARTL draft order, scanning of application forms, feudal abolition seminars and direct debit payments