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From the archives - November 2005

Changing perceptions

President's message: October provided a number of new insights for the President - and for the profession as well

A need undiminished

Opinion by the Convenor of the Scottish Legal Action Group that at its 30th birthday the Group's reforming agenda remains as pressing as ever

Steps forward

Main findings of the Law Society of Scotland/Equal Opportunities Commission survey of women in the legal profession in Scotland

A better way to work

Introducingthe Law Society of Scotland's three year Equality and Diversity Strategy: a means of providing guidance to the profession as well as a blueprint for the Society

Combatting the cross-border criminal

How judicial procedures are being streamlined to permit the more effective arrest and prosecution of suspects across national frontiers within the EU

Seen to be fair?

Author's concerns over the composition of the new mental health tribunals and over a procedural requirement to produce any psychiatric reports obtained

The lobbying game

The growth of lawyers using lobbying skills in the legislative process and some of the mechanics of lobbying

A favoured model?

The wide-ranging powers of the proposed Commission to regulate officers of court indicate the Scottish Executive's preferred approach to regulation

A grand day out

Chairman of the Society's Nothing But The Net conference 2005 reports on how the conference is evolving in response to feeedback

A window of opportunity

The hidden factors that help make a favourable impression on a client at first meeting

Don't fall at the final hurdle

Risk management issues in relation to matters arising post-completion

Practice guideline: form of accounts and taxation

Guideline approved by the Professional Practice Committee, in the same terms as chapter 2 in the former Table of Fees

CPD goes DVD

The first training DVD is available from the Update department for continuing professional development purposes

From the Brussels office

Update on changes at the European Court, and the future for contract law in the EU

Direct debits: not the client account

Guarantee Fund Committee advice that variable direct debit payments should be set up against an account other than the principal client account

Agents breaking prison rules

Some agents have been attempting to enter Kilmarnock Prison on client visits with unauthorised items

Advice for All: the Society's response

Summary of the Access to Justice Committee's response to the Scottish Executive's consultation on legal aid

Matter for debate

Latest civil cases, including diligence on the dependence; pleas in law; debates; count, reckoning and payment; appeals; family actions

Divorcing the divorced

A recent Inner House decision has upheld a Scottish divorce decree despite the original court having been in error as to whether the parties had still been married

Uncommon commencement dates

Significant coming dates that mark changes in employment law, despite the government's intention of introducing common commencement dates

Scottish Solicitors' Discipline Tribunal

Reports relating to Ian Maclachlan Allan; David Alexander Symington; Manus Gerard Tolland; Stuart Fraser Wilson

Website review

Websites offering guidance on the new legal regime covering additional support needs in learning

Book reviews

Reviews of Corporate Insolvency (St Clair and Drummond Young), Receivership in Scotland (Greene and Fletcher), L is for Law: Studying Scots Law (MacQueen)

Still thumbs down

Author's continuing objections to the single survey, in response to Professor Lorne Crerar's article supporting it

Search and copy fees changing

Note setting out the new fees to be charged by the Registers from 28 November for searching and copying

Common currency

The structure and purpose of the form of certificate of title published by the Property Standardisation Group