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From the archives - March 2005

Sell or transfer?

Longer version of briefing published in February 2005 issue, page 44

ASBOs and young people

What to look for when acting for a young person facing an antisocial behaviour order application

The next test: what to charge

President's message: cost of time, terms of engagement and client communication all move up the scale of importance as the Table of Fees has to be withdrawn

A glaring hole in child protection

Opinion that there is a serious anomaly in the law where it constructs complex child-protection measures but turns a blind eye to sexually explicit matter on magazine shelves

Vital voices

Briefing by the Victims and Witnesses Unit on key features of the Vulnerable Witnesses Act; plus interview with Raymond McMenamin of the Criminal Law Committee and comment from SCRA and Children 1st

Is Holyrood passing the buck?

Opposing contributions on whether the Sewel motion procedure is being abused by the number of contentious pieces of legislation being referred to Westminster

Social revolution

Outline of how the Civil Partnership Act achieves equivalence of same-sex relationships with married couples while avoiding the terminology of marriage

A profitable exercise

First of two articles on the 2004 Cost of Time Survey looks at trends in profitability, and salaries of assistants and support staff

The future... and it works

How the Crown Office's Future Office System project is already bringing benefits in efficient case processing, and its likely impact on criminal defence practice

Competition cases take off

Author looks at the developing case law on damages in private actions for breach of competition law, and why conditions in Scotland do not yet favour such actions

Take it from here

Second of four articles on how to develop a workable strategy examines the tools available for building a coherent business strategy

A rough guide to dealing with complaints

Some tips on how to respond to unhappy clients and reduce the risk of a grievance becoming a serious complaint

Taking a line, online

Scottish courts are equipped for the presentation of evidence using digital technology - and are surprised at the low takeup in civil cases

Raising the game

Risk management training is an important safeguard in addition to effective systems and procedures, and more materials are available for practices to devise their own

Ask the Panel

Interviews with members of the Pursuers' Panel, who believe that many solicitors are still unaware of their existence

First female president for solicitor advocates

Article on election of Alayne Swanson as President of the Society of Solicitor Advocates and the current status of the Society

UNHCR papers online

UNHCR position papers and letters regularly requested from its London office are accesible through the Electronic Immigration Network

Beware: mortgage scams

Warning to be alert for certain types of transaction by which fraudsters attempt to obtain unsecured finance

EAT practice statement

Statement dated 3 February 2005 drawing attention to the requirement to lodge certain documents with a notice of appeal without which the notice will be invalid

Multiple claims

Appeal for firms dealing with claims relating to the drug Viagabatin/Sabirl

Drawing the line

Latest civil cases, including pleadings; options hearings; motions; decree by default; proof; power of arrest; closure orders

Playing away

New moves on freedom of movement of players from countries outwith the EU, and a proposed "home-grown" rule

Freeing up services

EU Commission is pushing for a directive that would have a major impact on service providers, including professional firms

Let the access taker beware

The "right to roam" should not mean increased exposure to risk of occupiers' liability claims

Website reviews

First in series of reviews of barristers' chambers' sites

Book reviews

Review of Intellectual Property Law and Practice

Partners please

Changing face of public sector procurement is resulting in new forms of partnership contract between the public and private sectors

SDLT goes online

Inland Revenue is making it possible to file SDLT returns online in similar manner to tax returns

Urgent cases only!

Society and Stamp Office have agreed an emergency enquiry and supply service where an SDLT certificate has not been received within 16 days after the effective date

Make your life easier

Top 10 dos and don'ts in submitting SDLT returns