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From the archives - May 2005

Leaving on a high

President's message: "Property Matters" conference was a fitting climax to a year in office which has seen many successes for the Society

The JAB: why it isn't working

Opinion that the Judicial Appointments Board for Scotland's 50% lay membership and failure to use available information on candidates, results in a mixed record

One house, many rooms

An overview of the "Property Matters" annual conference plus a highlighted contribution from each of the five sessions

Bad company

Discussion of whether, following publication of the draft Corporate Manslaughter Bill, legislation on either side of the border will serve any real purpose

Tender and true

What is changing, and what is not, in competitive tendering procedures as regulations are prepared to implement new EU directives

Beware the pitfalls

Duties of solicitors as employers in relation to the Protection of Children Act, if they engage anyone likely to have unsupervised contact with a child

Alien investors in the US

Some practical difficulties for executry practitioners faced with shares in United States companies

Budgeting and beyond

Final of four articles on developing a workable strategy explains how the budget can be used to ensure that the strategy is on track and value is being created

Let's play tag

The potentially wide application of radio frequency identification chips in reducing the risk of clinical negligence claims

Same old story

Sample of recent conveyancing claims on the Master Policy reveals that it is still the relatively simple things that tend to go wrong

Getting the message across

Interview with Caroline Flanagan as she prepares to take up office as the Society's President

Cashroom chaos: take up references

Advice to check CVs and references of applicants for cashroom positions in light of experiences with certain individuals

LLPs and the FSA

A firm authorised by the FSA that changes status to LLP requires to re-register

Impact of dealing with complaints quickly

Client Relations Office case study where a complaint against a firm was held unfounded but inaction on the complaint led to a finding of inadequate professional service

Council life

A younger solicitor co-opted to the Society's Council describes the benefits to set against the commitment involved

Landed securities

Rate of interest for the six months from Martinmas 2004

Should the party pay?

Latest civil cases, including reponing notes; decree by default; summary decree; proof; taking children's views; appeals; expenses

Unintended effects?

The proposed reduction in separation periods prior to divorce could produce hardship unless further steps are taken

A fine Profile

Comment on Profile Software Ltd v Becogent Ltd, in which the Court of Session construed an intellectual property agreement in a commercially workable manner

Public benefit?

Overview of the proposed EU constitution and what effect it will have on the way the EU relates to Scotland

The appeal of leave

Recent developments relating to leave periods, of interest to solicitors as employers as well as employment law practitioners

When is a cost not an expense?

Issues relating to costs and expenses of administrators and liquidators which have recently occupied the courts

Website reviews

Sites of solicitors' firms which offer automatic email updates on various legal topics

Book reviews

Review of Land Tenure in Scotland (Rennie)

What a waste!

Effects of the European Court Van de Walle decision on the UK regimes dealing with waste and contaminated land

How safe are your titles?

How one conveyancing blunder from many years ago was only rectified through the pragmatic approach of the Keeper