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From the archives - June 2005

V. good year as VP

First message as President covers an enjoyable year as Vice President and a promise to communicate on the many issues on which the Society hopes to make progress

A road to somewhere

Opinion article perspective of a "high street" practitioner on predictions for the future of the profession

Complaining with confidence

Survey of the background to the Executive consultation paper on complaints handling, some of the issues it raises and its potential long-term implications

The JAB: how it works

Reply to Alistair Bonnington's Opinion article in the May 2005 Journal

Buying in to quick deals

Views of those who believe solicitors should adopt standard form missives and rapid conclusion, as are becoming popular in significant areas of Scotland

The conversion factor

Assessment of Sir David Clementi's public meeting in Edinburgh, and the pressures for change in Scotland similar to his report for England and Wales

A better way to care

The background to and principal changes in the Mental Health (Care and Treatment) (Scotland) Act 2003, which brings in some fundamental changes

Fees in a table-free world

Some advice on calculating hourly fees without the Society's Table of Fees, withdrawn from 1 July 2005

Get engaged

Risk management issues which should be addressed by practices drafting or reviewing terms of engagement

Call up the witness

Description of the videoconferencing facilities made available by Scottish Court Service in certain courts and other locations around the country

New office bearers take up roles

Caroline Flanagan and Ruthven Gemmell become President and Vice President of the Society; report of President's first address to Council

Cornton Vale: new agents' rules

Booking requirements from 25 July 2005 for visiting clients in custody

Client Relations Office: recent changes

Update on third party complaints procedure; information pack; IPS compensation limit

Case study: pragmatic approach to complaints

Report of a lengthy, and unsuccessful, defence to a client complaint over a trivial sum

A bumper programme

Outline of the principal measures to look out for in Westminster in 2005-06 following the Queen's Speech

Stirling wins LLB accreditation

Stirling University accredited by Law Society of Scotland to provide LLB degree

Heavy agenda for the UK

Briefings from the "Brussels Agenda" on EU legal issues current as the UK takes up the Presidency

Terms and sentences

Latest criminal cases, including sentencing discounts; road traffic; admissibility; corroboration

Rise and rise of the Land Court

The Land Court begins to make its mark in exercising its newly extended jurisdiction

Don't mention the boot war

A dispute between the German Football Association and its players could have implications for international competition

Scottish Solicitors' Discipline Tribunal

Reports relating to John Anthony Lindsay Oliver; James Joseph McGinley; David Baird Macadam; Andrew Robert Walker Miller and Eileen Wingate Morrison; Duncan McKinnon Burd; Thomas Hugh Murray

Website reviews

Review of the recently updated Scottish Court Service website

Book reviews

Reviews of Summary Cause Procedure in the Sheriff Court (Auchie); Once Bitten, Twice Fined (Pagan)

Don't make it compulsory

Author's views opposing the compulsory seller's survey in residential property transactions