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From the archives - July 2005

Commissioner: Public Authorities must do more

Information Commissioner's first appeal decision highlights areas for improvement

Supporting legal aid

President's message: recent press support for legal aid lawyers provides a welcome background to the current Executive consultations; all should consider responding

No country cousins

Opinion of a solicitor who opted to leave the city behind, that younger lawyers can enjoy a good lifestyle and a challenging practice away from the major centres

Making the money go further

Interview with Deputy Justice Minister Hugh Henry on the consultation paper "Advice for All", discussing the future of legal aid

Adopting a new approach

Author welcomes the recommendations of the Cox Report on adoption, while warning against treating media coverage as representative

Gordon giveth and Gordon taketh away

First half of two part article on the 2005 Budget and Finance Acts, looking at personal and company taxation

A blow for the future

First of two articles on the growth industry, and practice area, of wind farming, assessing the current outlook for the industry

A Wie hint of change?

The legal basis of, and justifications for, continuing to separate the sexes in sport, as a female competitor may be allowed into the Open Golf Championship

Raising the bar

Good practice on business continuity management against the likely adoption of a British Standard on the subject

The IT crimewave

How individuals and businesses need to be on their guard against criminal attacks on their IT systems

The directing mind

Risks and risk management issues that arise when solicitors take on directorships in companies while acting as their legal advisers

Complaints about endowment policies

What to do if the Financial Ombudsman Service (which does not have jurisdiction) attempts to investigate a complaint against a solicitor in relation to endowment policies

New Communication Rules from 1 August

Council decision to make the rules without the amendment passed at the AGM, accepting the views of the Lord President

Trainee salaries

Recommended rates from 1 July 2005

CRO case study: complaints by beneficiaries

Case study highlighting the importance of understanding the rights of beneficiaries who make complaints, and the illogicalities of the legislation

CPD records go DIY

The new form of recording CPD compliance, effectively self-certification

Money laundering - deja vu

EU is to adopt third directive on money laundering despite opposition from professional bodies

Going through the motions

Recent civil cases, including locus to be heard; forum non conveniens; pleadings; decree by default; hearsay; leave to appeal

Planning in the park

Scotland's first two National Parks have important planning duties, but there are significant differences between their respective powers

Always look on the bright side

For the new licensing regime to be effective, those who operate it need properly thought-out policies based on a meaningful dialogue

Scottish Solicitors' Discipline Tribunal

Reports relating to Deryck de Maine Beaumont; Alan Jackson; William Michael Lewis

Website reviews

Reviews of websites concerning money advice

Book reviews

Review of Convergence and Persistence in Corporate Governance (eds Gordon and Roe)

The race to the registers revisited

The extent to which the "race to the registers" is an issue in current conveyancing practice

SDLT: getting it right

A roundup of the various sources of help in answering queries on the legal aspects of stamp duty land tax, and what to expect from each

SDLT: barcoding

Change in submission process of SDLT1 form affecting users of case management systems

Business sense

Some measures (concerning SDLT and the registers) to make property transactions in Scotland cheaper and quicker, as proposed to the Scottish Parliament