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From the archives - August 2005

Prosecuting bigotry offences

Two appeal decisions have exposed limitations in the statutory offences directed at racial abuse

A hotter than average July

President's message: thoughts of a quiet month with most people on holiday proved to be well wide of the mark

Advice for all, but what about justice?

Opinion that the "Advice for All" review will not achieve "access for all" without a consistent strategy as to the way individuals' rights are determined

Calling time

Legal firms and organisations that have successfully introduced flexible working hours

The anti-avoidance drive

Second and final part of article on the Budget and Finance Acts covers the tightening of SDLT rules and other changes affecting businesses

The best option?

Outline of the Law Society of Scotland's response to the consultation on regulation, with comments from solicitors and non-solicitors involved in complaints handling

Radical design

Key features of the Scottish Executive's white paper "Modernising the Planning System"

Miscarriages of justice

The relationship between the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission and the appeal court, and their respective views on what constitutes a miscarriage

Information technology

Feature highlighting a number of services by which firms may be able to enhance the efficiency even of well established systems

IPS... keeping a watchful eye

The inadequate professional service rules are an important client safeguard, but are capable of operating unfairly as currently enacted

When less means better

Author describes how his firm is moving towards paperless transaction files for a modest investment

Reality check - not Big Brother

Some things even practices with a good claims record should look out for when reviewing their risk controls and whether these are being observed

Ombudsman sees signs for hope

This year's annual report of the Scottish Legal Services Ombudsman recognises that the new complaints handling system is producing improvements

CRO case study: requests for solicitors' files

Points to bear in mind when the Society requests a client file for the purpose of investigating a complaint

Society adopts staff protection policy

The Society's policy designed to protect staff from unacceptable behaviour on the part of service users

Accreditation in public procurement offered

New specialist accreditation available in public procurement law; and a note of further pending changes

A clear duty

Latest criminal cases, including Crown duty of disclosure; sentencing discounts; racial harassment; theft of mail; restrictions on freedom generally

Missing a generation

Grandparents may be no better off with "automatic" parental rights and responsibilities

Does age matter?

The forthcoming Age Equality Regulations will have a significant impact on recruitment practice across the age spectrum as well as on retirement

Fair picture?

Guidance from the English High Court on "fair dealing for the purpose of criticism or review", as applied to copyright material

Book debts: the final word?

The House of Lords' decision in Spectrum Plus upsets 25 years of practice concerning a form of charge much favoured by banks

Website reviews

Second in an occasional series of reviews of sites offering email updates on various topics

Book reviews

Reviews of The International Criminal Court; The Trial on Trial vol 1

Challenging the sacred cows of conveyancing

Introduction to the Property Standardisation Group's drafting work on post-feudal real burdens and servitudes, focusing here on real burdens