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From the archives - January 2006

Pressing ahead

President's message: the Society commits to working with the Executive this year on the new complaints system, as it already is on legal aid and house purchasers' packs

Regulation, 2006 style

By giving up complaints handling the Society will restore relations with the profession, but the Executive has a challenge to devise a fair system

Held to ransom?

Many firms, especially smaller practices, overlook the need for an up to date partnership agreement to help resolve issues that arise on changes in the partnership

A world turned upside down

The Chancellor's volte-face over self-invested personal pensions, and its effect

Quiet revolutions

December 2005 was a watershed month for Scots family law - but there are still areas where the law has not achieved full separation between church and state

For supplement read tax

The proposed planning gain supplement as revealed in the government's consultation, and what the Scottish Executive should do in response

Why mediation is a bad idea, and other myths

A mediator attempts to dispel some popular misconceptions surrounding the process

Advice in a Europe of many notions

Three law students reflect on their experience at a recent foreign summer school and its relevance to legal practice

At the touch of a button

Review of the Scottish Legal Aid Board's online pilot for advice and assistance cases, a system practitioners are recommended to try

What sort of courts do we want? (And when?)

Significant Scottish cases where IT has already made conduct of the proceedings much easier - setting the scene for a forthcoming court practitioners' IT forum

KM in practice

The role of the knowledge management partner, and why and how to form a KM strategy

If the bug bites

A bird flu pandemic would hit the legal sector as hard as any - but firms can take some steps now to be prepared

Refreshing risk quiz

Overview of the past year's risk management articles, with a quiz on some of the points covered

Endowment complaints - finding what happened

How insurance companies can help with information needed to deal with complaints about endowment policies

Vulnerable witnesses' commissioner hitch

How a lacuna in the Vulnerable Witnesses (Scotland) Act 2004 is affecting the introduction of taking the evidence of child witnesses by commissioner

Brown softens tax blow

The additional tax burden following the changes to assessing work in progress can be spread over three years

More from the Brussels office

Summary of EU developments on working time; money laundering; cross-border payment orders

The partnership must go on

Chairman of the Scottish Legal Aid Board responds to recent comments from the Society and others about the Board's policies and practices

First duty to the court

Latest civil cases, including parties' designations; decree by default; an advocate's responsibilities; interdict; jurisdiction in family actions; witnesses' reports

A difficult birth

The scenes that surrounded the passing of the Licensing (Scotland) Bill do not augur well for its sensible implementation

Nuclear power no thanks?

Interesting issues could arise if the UK Government and Scottish Executive end up at odds over the future for nuclear power

Due diligence

Another major reform launches at Holyrood in the shape of the Bankruptcy and Diligence etc (Scoland) Bill

Will less mean better?

Will the EU Commission's deregulation action plan help or hinder business in Europe?

Scottish Solicitors' Discipline Tribunal

Reports relating to Michael Charles Gray; Richard Douglas McKenzie Shepherd

Website reviews

Reviews of sites providing information on mediation

Book reviews

Review of The Principles of International Tax Planning (IFS)

Back to the future

In just over a year's time automated registration of title to land will be a reality, and solicitors should start preparing now or be left at a disadvantage

Users' IT requirements for ARTL

The technology needed to support automated registration of title is straightforward provided intending users have an up to date computer operating system