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From the archives - November 2006

Home and away

President's message: the Society's work to achieve better law is constant both in this country and, through its Brussels office, within the EU institutions

The importance of kinship care

Opinion column advocating that care involving the wider family is always considered before a child is separated from its parents

Growing arms and legs

Report on expansion of Public Defence Solicitors Office, based on interview with Director Matthew Auchincloss and solicitors' reactions at the legal aid conference

Changing its spots?

The Society's view of the amendments to date of the Legal Profession etc Bill, and of the latest developments south of the border

Guiding hand

Sentencing guidelines are back on the agenda following the final report of the Sentencing Commission, but the author has doubts as to what they can achieve

Trustbusters unite

Update on the prospects for claiming damages for breach of competition law, including why the UK is a favourable jurisdiction despite the reversal of the Crehan ruling

Closing the books

Interview with Leslie Cumming, on his retiral as Chief Accountant at the Law Society of Scotland, reflecting on his 22 years at the Society

Appointment to Society committees

The Law Society of Scotland has agreed a new corporate governance procedure for the appointment of members to its committees

SSDT appointments

Three new solicitor appointments to Discipline Tribunal

From the Brussels office

Update on free movement of lawyers; European Small Claims Procedure; European Payment Order

So you want to be a lawyer?

Report of a session encouraging young people from non-traditional backgrounds to consider a career in law

Spam: the managed solution

Consultants to the Law Society of Scotland describe the "managed service" solution to the problem of spam email

Nothing like Nothing but the Net!

Some dazzling innovations were introduced at this year's "Nothing but the Net" conference, organised by the Society

Banking on service

Solicitors depend heavily on their banks for compliance with professional rules, but have limited options when things go wrong

You want certified?

Risk management issues for solicitors associated with granting certificates of various types, and particular risks associated with clients obtaining equity release

Enough is enough

Latest civil cases, including change of agents; delay in seeking amendment; summary applications; expenses

Provision and prejudice

Consideration of a case which may indicate a greater willingness by the Scottish courts to compensate for future financial prejudice following divorce

Work and families

Important legislation has been implemented to extend rights relating to childbirth and caring

Cash trapped

The lowering of the cash seizure limit in the anti-money laundering legislation may put some people's holiday cash at risk

Man of business

The added attractions of the Isle of Man for business or investment following recent legislation on tax and company law

Scottish Solicitors' Discipline Tribunal

Reports relating to Alexander Jack Morrison; Brian James Abbot; John Knox Aitken

Website reviews

Sites that offer help in dealing with spam email

Book reviews

Review of MacRoberts' Scottish Liquidation Handbook (Flint)

Sale questionnaire to be tested

A 12 week pilot scheme in nine areas will test a form of seller's questionnaire on different types of "live" property transactions

So long, and thanks for all the fizz

The hoops that in-house lawyers and their external advisers alike should jump through to establish a successful partnership

ASBO, the young misfit

View that local authority solicitors responsible for obtaining juvenile antisocial behaviour orders are put in a thankless position due to others' competing priorities