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From the archives - February 2006

Legal aid in children's hearing referrals

This paper delivered at the legal aid conference, argues that the interests of justice require better remuneration for solicitors appearing in children's hearing cases

Still waters run deep

President's message: A quiet month engagement-wise belies the work that continues at the Society on important issues facing the profession

Catch-up or patch-up?

Proposes reforms to the Child Support Agency will only succeed if they can bring the interests of the children concerned to the forefront

Legal science or law-lite?

Differing views on whether the LLB currently offers a proper grounding in Scots law, and an explanation of the Society's role as regulator

Heads above water

Three simple calculations based on the 2005 Cost of Time Survey to help work out the point at which a firm becomes profitable

Your name on file

The rationale behind the imminent birth of the Citizen's Account, and the legal issues involved

A welcome addition

The new system of Additional Support Needs Tribunals to hear disputes over young people needing special educational provision

Another ***** meeting?

Some tips on how to achieve the efficient conduct of a meeting

A neglected asset

How effective management of software licences can not only keep organisations on the right side of the law, but also serve business objectives

Planning a year of action

Some of the activities that might form part of a practice's risk management plan for the year

The Pagan mission

Interview with Graeme Pagan, founder of Will Aid, as to why he is starting a new Scottish Will Aid organisation

CRO case study: keep it professional

What can happen when a solicitor is drawn into a family dispute and loses focus on their professional responsibilities

Society warns of ABS dangers

Summary of the Society's response to the UK Government white paper following the Clementi Report

Non-solicitors welcomed to Council

Four non-solicitors have joined the Society's Council for the first time as observers

Professional Practice Committee

Advice on the proper test for whether something may be averred in pleadings

From the Brussels office

Updates on compulsory membership of professional bodies; Data Retention Directive; recovering child maintenance

A good case to read

Latest criminal cases, including driving disqualification; verdicts; Anderson appeals; Crown disclosure; mixed statements; jury directions

Jurisdiction: dispelling the myth

Solicitors need to rethink past assumptions on jurisdiction where there is a cross-border element in cases concerning children

That special something

The House of Lords rules on when an employment contract with a foreign element can be subject to UK employment rights

The art of cashing in

The new artist's resale right, implementing an EU directive in UK law, is set to benefit a wide range of artists

Scottish Solicitors' Discipline Tribunal

Reports relating to Calum Watson Blyth; Philip George Dawson; Messrs MacRoberts and Richard Barrie (section 42A appeal)

Website reviews

Sites offering guidance on conciliation procedures

Book reviews

Review of Gods vs The Gavel (Hamilton)

In on the Act

Overview of the Scottish Law Commission's discussion papers on reforming the Land Registration (Scotland) Act 1979

Keeper's corner

An explanation of the ministerial targets for turnaround times, and the strategies for dealing with them; and a request for views on the future of the column