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From the archives - March 2006

Mutual trust is the key

President's message: The whole profession must be ready to engage with the Executive over the Legal Profession and Legal Aid (Scotland) Bill

Last man standing

Opinion that human rights cannot be taken for granted in Scotland, but need a stronger Commissioner than the Executive currently proposes

In the public eye

Interview with Douglas Mill and communications expert Mandy Haeburn-Little on the Society's new strategy to transform its public image

The cost of succession (and who pays the price)

Graeme McKinstry (pictured) revisits succession planning, and issues which the retiring partner and the firm must each consider well in advance of the leaving date

MHTs: take another look

A reply to concerns over the fairness of the new mental health tribunals, and why the tribunals should be given a chance to show they can work

The profit trend

A breakdown of the 2005 Cost of Time Survey results as to firms' profitability, by size of practice and geographical area

Getting a get in Scotland

How the new religious provision in the Family Law (Scotland) Act will particularly benefit Jewish clients

Appealing to charity

A look at the new Scottish Charity Appeals Panel and the impact it is likely to make

It's not broken! So why fix it?

Digital dictation suppliers explain its advantages over traditional dictating methods

Rolling back the years

Aspects of the workplace, some more obvious than others, where the forthcoming law on age discrimination will have an impact

Clock watching

Features of the current experience of claims against solicitors where critical dates and time limits are a factor - not just in litigation

CRO: time limit for making complaints

Explanation of the Society's policy on time limits and when complaints will be accepted though made later

Child support: lobby the review

A note of the main features of the Child Support Agency's operational improvement plan and a plea to solicitors to make representations to the strategic review

Scanlan honoured with OBE

Tribute to Margaret Scanlan for her work with the Scottish Legal Aid Board, resulting in her honour

The ECJ: a growing sphere of competence?

A recent decision of the European Court shows the court flexing its judicial muscle in demarcating legislative powers between the European institutions

Bone of contention

Latest civil cases, including lodging of writ; diligence; delay; amendment; tenders; interim damages; recovery of evidence; expenses; family cases; summary causes

Asbestos: a nasty upset

Implications for Scotland of the Court of Appeal's decision to overturn established practice regarding cases of pleural plaques

The form for selection

Selection to represent one's country is beginning to give rise to legal issues in a surprising number of cases

Reshaping sexual offences

Outline of the Scottish Law Commission's discussion paper on rape and other sexual offences

Hunting down the pirates: part 2

The Scottish courts are about to acquire additional powers in actions for infringement of IP rights

Better bargaining

The Planning Bill will introduce some much-needed flexibility to the area of planning agreements

Website reviews

The third review of websites with an ADR theme focuses on arbitration

Book reviews

Review of The New Public Management of Scotland (Mackie)

ARTL: your chance to be heard

The profession's chance to offer feeedback on the introduction of ARTL, by responding to the discussion paper contained in this article

SDLT: new lost forms procedure

Note from HM Revenue and Customs on what to do if an SDLT return has been submitted but HMRC have no trace of it being sent