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From the archives - May 2006

Stand up to be counted

President's message: As she leaves office, the President is still in good shape, the profession is in good shape, but it must remain united in facing major challenges to its values

A bill to divide us

Opinion that the Legal Profession Bill could have serious consequences for the in-house sector and weaken the wider profession to the ultimate detriment of the public

The pendulum swings

Response from the profession and others to the Legal Profession Bill, including the Society's professional advice on human rights compliance, and Master Policy implications

Cohabitation: the new legal landscape

New legal rights for cohabitants are now in force, but many of them probably do not realise

The tax man cometh (again)

An alerter to the implications of the Budget proposals on the inheritance tax treatment of trusts

The foreign legion

The opportunities for Scots law students, graduates and qualified lawyers to gain wider experience in Europe

Making IT happen

The recent Court Practitioners' IT Forum showed the potential for real advantages for Scottish solicitors, if they can get their act together

Apportioning and sharing

Considerations in apportioning pension rights on divorce in relation to the period of marriage and then deciding how the rights should best be shared (part 2 of 3)

Property problems

Claims arising from property transactions continue to feature heavily in Master Policy claims, and a risk improvement plan could help reduce the costs to a practice

Still a profession

Interview with incoming President of the Society, Ruthven Gemmell

Will relief now underway

Reasons for the change of name from Solicitors Will Aid (Scotland)

Advertising rules in force

Solicitors (Scotland) (Advertising and Promotion) Practice Rules 2006 come into force on 1 June 2006

Society extends ID card

Solicitors' identity cards to remain valid until 31 December each year to avoid problems of expiry before new ones can be issued

Access to prisons and YOIs

Reminder from Serco Home Affairs of search procedures on entering an establishment

Email: the future

Society moves towards using email as the primary means of communication with members

Relief for WIP tax

The spreading relief now available to reduce the impact of the extra tax charge on work in progress resulting from the introduction of UITF 40

Multiple claims

Appeal for information on bringing equal pay claims against public bodies after the six-month statutory time limit

Prisons check privilege abuse

Safeguards against abuse by prisoners of the arrangements for handling privileged correspondence

Investment business: destruction of files

Practice note with revised policy on retaining files in relation to endowment business

From the Brussels office

Updates on draft services directive; motor insurance; transfer of prisoners; working time; limitation periods

Arguing over agreements

Latest civil cases, including amendment of name; summary decree; remit to sheriff court; settlement; family actions; violent profits; appeals; expenses; ASBOs

Next generation law

The Adoption and Children (Scotland) Bill is changing the law to reflect the situations of the children now going through the process

Lawyers in the transfer market

The effect of the new TUPE Regulations on solicitors who work wholly or mainly for one particular client

Scottish Solicitors' Discipline Tribunal

Reports relating to Ghazala Ahmed; Thomas Hugh Murray; Mark John Stalker

Landlords: setting the mark

Outline of the new registration scheme for private residential landlords, and what the Executive hopes to achieve

Website review

Reviews of the Law Society of Scotland's new site, and the sites of the other UK law societies

Book reviews

Reviews of A Mixed Legal System in Transition (eds Reid and Carey Miller); Conveyancing (Reid and Gretton)

Purchase options in leases

Why landlords of industrial buildings often prefer to transfer their interest by lease rather than sale, and the precautions that should be taken to protect the purchaser