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From the archives - July 2006

Challenging times

President's message: fundamental legal issues are at the centre of public debate; the Society is engaged on all fronts and encourages awareness and involvement

A block on service

Opinion column: family lawyers are another group who are increasingly giving up legal aid work due to the payment system, to the detriment of society as a whole

Revving up for debate

The Justice 2 Committee report on the Legal Profession and Legal Aid (Scotland) Bill has approved its principles but with numerous action points for the Executive

LLB confidential

Alistair Bonnington suggests how to make the LLB more relevant to practice. Patrick Phillips QC argues that intending practitioners should find other ways to qualify

Clean break under attack

Author disagrees with Lord Hope's view that Scots law is too restrictive to achieve a fair settlement in some divorce cases involving high-earning spouese

The hokey-cokey Chancellor

Author's survey of the Budget and Finance Act finds the Chancellor guilty of serious meddling, in the small print of what was supposedly a dull Budget (part 1 of 2)

Switching channels

Author follows his interview with "The Apprentice" contestant Karen Bremner, by speaking to some solicitors who have made a successful move into business

The Chancellor gets it REIT

With the introduction of real estate investment trusts the Chancellor has achieved the rare feat of bringing in a measure that has few if any critics

Executries sponsored feature

Articles from specialists in tracing missing heirs, and valuers of coins and medals

Obituary: Harry Flowers

Appreciation of Harry Flowers, one of the founders of the Glasgow Bar Association

Commissioners move

New premises for Social Security and Child Support Commissioners

Mortgage advice guideline

Professional Practice Committee guideline on property schedules and promotion of a firm's mortgage advice service

The EU and the criminal

Criminal practitioners need to be aware of the increasing pace of European initiatives in co-operation between the various authorities

Case for the defence

The time has come for criminal court practices that have not yet adopted online ways of working to take the plunge, as public bodies prepare to dispense with paper systems

To act or not to act... that is the question!

Vetting and engagement issues that arise when considering, taking on and handling private client work

A summary matter

Latest civil cases, including party litigants; options and procedural hearings; minutes of admissions; summary decree; appeals and interlocutors; English solicitors' fees

Ireland 4, Italy 0

The European Court has delivered its long-awaited guidance on jurisdiction in insolvency proceedings

The route ahead

Two current bills will have a big impact on the approval of major transport infrastructure projects

Scottish Solicitors Discipline Tribunal

Reports relating to John Taylor; Douglas Andrew Logie Winchester; William James Mackay

Website reviews

What the internet has to offer the lawyer who loves a good podcast

Book reviews

Reviews of Mental Health (Care and Treatment) (Scotland) Act 2003 (Franks and Cobb); Divorce in the Sheriff Court (Bennett)

Is that burden dead yet?

Real burdens post-feudal abolition, covering rules of interpretation, interest to enforce and methods of extinction and variation (part 2 of 2)