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From the archives - August 2006

Ireland 4, Italy 0

The ECJ decision in the Irish-Italian dispute in the Parmalat companies liquidation proceedings provides important guidance on jurisdiction

A lack of trust

Forthcoming in August issue, put online because of its urgency, the article outlines the final form of the trust tax changes in this year's Finance Act

Technology and the Scottish courts

An update on the use of technology in the Scottish courts, based on the author's experience of a recent patent case

For supplement read tax - an update

Authors update their previous Journal article on the proposed planning gain supplement

Eyes on the ball

President's message: The Justice 2 Committee report on the Legal Profession Bill reflects many of the Society's concerns, and these must be addressed

Don't leave gaps in regulation

Opinion column asking why, given the current regulatory debate, is more attention not paid to the position of paralegals, whether in private practice or in-house

Keeping company

Authors query Executive announcement that legislation on corporate homicide should be dealt with by the Westminster Parliament

Fighting the bullies

Some theoretical and practical issues facing the legal adviser in cases involving school bullying

The university of life

Profile of the student-run law clinic at Strathclyde University, now appealing for support from the profession to enable it to continue and develop its work

A lack of trust

The Budget and Finance Act changes to the inheritance tax treatment of trusts are both important and complex. This article attempts to explain them

With these few words...

Interview with Colin Wilson, solicitor head of the Scottish Executive's legislative drafting team

"Unsatisfactory conduct" policy

Acting on advice the Society is removing from solicitors' records any views reached on unsatisfactory conduct until the Legal Profession Bill is passed

Rules Council consults on mediation

Sheriff Court Rules Council invites views on proposed rules enabling the court to encourage parties to seek alternative methods of resolving their disputes

CPD after self-certification

Reminder that the new system of self-certification for CPD must be properly complied with or solicitors risk prosecution

Tell it like it is

Profile of the Society's Corporate Communications Team and how their role has developed well beyond the traditional press office

All that sparkles ain't gold

Author challenges the assumption that all private practice solicitors aspire to partnership and argues that firms need to develop more flexible reward systems

PDF is the standard

The Court Technology Forum has decided to adopt PDF format for electronic documentary evidence

The paper monster

Risk management issues connected with document archival; and a look at the feedback from the 2006 Risk Management Roadshow

Safeguarding fair trial

Latest criminal cases, including dangerous driving causing death; sentencing powers; specification of complaints; fair trial; Crown disclosure; evidence

New law, new problems

The new provisions for valuation of matrimonial property subject to a transfer order still leave plenty of scope for difficulty

Raising the stakes

The House of Lords has upheld the decision that vicarious liability exists for acts of harassment

Mark the pre-proof

Important changes in sheriff court civil procedure introduce pre-proof hearings and make related amendments to other steps of procedure

Scottish Solicitors Discipline Tribunal

Reports relating to Norman James Cowie; Louise Marie Hay; William McCarthy

Website reviews

Websites that provide free medical information

Book reviews

Review of Children's Hearings in Scotland (Norrie)

It takes two to tango

The countdown to automated registration of title to land (ARTL) is on schedule and the necessary rules are in the pipeline

Land attachment and suspensive missives

The Conveyancing Committee invites conveyancing and insolvency practitioners' views on proposed provisions concerning land attachment and suspensive missives

PSG's suite moves

The Property Standardisation Group has added an irritancy protection agreement and a deposit agreement to complete its lease management suite