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From the archives - September 2006

Sincere thanks are due

President's message: words of thanks for dedicated service, and of encouragement to readers to help promote positive change, are top of the agenda this month

From the grass roots

Opinion that the effective campaign by local faculties and bar associations over legal aid can be repeated, but longer term success needs a national voice

Training solicitors and teaching law

Professor Norrie replies to the criticisms of LLB teaching in the July issue; Brian Allingham proposes an alternative route to qualification

Survival of the fittest?

The problems facing those currently seeking Diploma and traineeship places, in terms of too many graduates chasing too few places

A new print job

The implications of adopting the non-numeric standard for fingerprint identification

Plenty more besides

Concluding part of survey of Budget and Finance Act rounds up important changes affecting trusts, charities, business taxation and the disclosure requirements

That's settled, then

Authors' research into commercial litigators' attitudes to alternative dispute resolution reveals general support but a belief that it could be used more

East meets west

Interview with solicitor Laura Gordon, appointed Director of the Glasgow-Edinburgh Collaboration Project

The SGM and the new fees

Reasons behind the proposed increase in the practising certificate fee

Discrimination is new specialism

Applications are invited from solicitors wishing to become accredited specialists in discrimination law

Money laundering: beware the escrow

Why solicitors should consider carefully whether to accept certain instructions to hold money in escrow relating to supposed foreign property transactions

New face engages new lawyers

Three new appointments at the Law Society of Scotland include the Society's first New Lawyers' Coordinator

A shot in the arm

Interview with the Society's Chief Executive Douglas Mill, new President of the international body IILACE, on why he gets a lift from working with his fellow CEOs

Tapping into CPD Online

How CPD Online enables solicitors to fulfil part of their CPD requirements online

Master trainee

A trainee undertaking an LLM, supported by his firm, alongside his traineeship, explains the attractions

Glitch hunt, not witch hunt

Managing "people risks" and its impact on the effective management of risk in a legal practice

A caveat on witnesses

Latest civil court decisions, including jurisdiction in family cases; pleadings; witness lists; caution for expenses; decree by default; appeal; expenses

Victories for tenants?

Two recent decisions have broken new ground on the legal position of joint agricultural tenancies

On your marks...

A fundamental change in UK trade mark procedure will see the onus of objecting to an application shift to an existing rights holder

Big bill for business

Overview of the monster-sized Companies Bill, which will have a significant impact especially in relation to the running of small private companies

Ripple effect

The legal issues arising from attempts to control doping in sport are spreading ever wider

How fair is fair?

The minimum standard for dismissal proceedings remains in doubt despite the requirements of the current regulations

Scottish Solicitors' Discipline Tribunal

Reports relating to Messrs Robertson & Ross; Nicholas Gerard McCormick; William Pirie Rennie; Ronald McKenzie; Alistair Ogston Robertson

Website reviews

Reviews of sites dealing with the law of defamation

Book reviews

Review of Lifting the Fog of Legalese (Kimble)

Spinning plates

Summary of a "Counsel to Counsel" forum for in-house advisers, on the subject of managing complex commercial transactions

Sending the right signals

Solicitors acting for clients leasing their land for telecommunication masts need to be aware of industry practices adopted by the major operators