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From the archives - January 2007

The Isle of Man

An summary of the current legal and tax regime for individuals and companies based on the island (a longer version of the briefing in the November 2006 issue)

Contractual handcuffs: enhanced redundancy rights

The Court of Appeal decision in Keeley v FOSROC International Ltd requires employers to exercise caution when referring to redundancy rights in staff handbooks

Strength of purpose

President's message: the amendments won to the Legal Profession Bill are tribute to the efforts by the Society's bill team and all who took part in the campaign

Cleared for take-off

Some reflections on what the legal profession might learn from the experience of the airline industry over the past decade

Countdown phase

After a tremendous amount of hard work by the Society and profession, some significant gains were made at the final stage of the Legal Profession Bill

A quiet revolution

The passing of the Planning etc (Scotland) Act is only the start of the process of reform, and much will depend on regulations, policies - and the resources provided

Acting your age

How the Law Society of Scotland's own staff had to brush up their skills and awareness to match the Age Equality Regulations

Adopting new solutions

Author welcomes the new Adoption and Children (Scotland) Act but doubts whether, as intended, it has made the law any clearer in two key respects

Clear as mud?

Author believes that the Custodial Sentences etc Bill will fail in its objective of providing greater clarity and certainty

Majoring in minorities

Interview with Ethnic Minorities Law Centre solicitors as they win funding to open the first law centre of any kind in Edinburgh

MacKinnon is President Elect

John MacKinnon confirmed as President Elect of the Society for 2007-08

Another new PSL group

PSLs in Corporate has been formed to provide mutual support for members working in that area

Professional practice

Recent committee decision on the duty to meet a client before taking instructions on a will

Believe in the future

Challenge in an address to new entrants, to be confident in the future in the face of change, and not to be apologetic in defence of human rights

Appreciation: Dr J Stuart Fair

Tribute to the former senior partner of Thorntons, Dundee

Grow your own assistant

Some ideas from smaller firms who were finding it hard to recruit new assistants

On the radar

A roundup of legal news with a technology flavour

Status of the expert's report

Latest civil cases, including recovery of documents; interim interdict; ejection; antisocial behaviour orders; summary causes; expenses

Rewarding experience

The ECJ decision in Cadman v Health and Safety Executive will be welcomed by employers whose pay systems recognise experience measured by length of service

Restructuring - in hindsight

A recent English decision provides a warning on how a fairly neat restructuring can unravel following a company's insolvent liquidation

Court rules catch up with live link TV

The new court rules on hearing evidence and submissions in civil cases by live TV or audio link

Scottish Solicitors' Discipline Tribunal

Reports relating to Martin John Carey; Richard James Barber Hill; James Morrison

Website reviews

Review of three government websites designed with the rights of the consumer in mind

Book reviews

Review of Scottish Administrative Law (McFadden and McFadzean)

Top notch training

The life of a trainee in the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service is varied, demanding and a superb training for criminal court work

A clearer way to deal

Scottish & Newcastle group's innovative "Pathclearer" approach to commercial agrements

Not the best option

Option agreements with developers are unlikely to safeguard the interests of selling landowners, and promotion agreements offer a better solution

Letting in the disabled

Solicitors should be aware of new duties for landlords in relation to disabled people, including making "reasonable adjustments"

Single survey: have your say

Introducing the Society's online survey on the single survey and other matters, which will help inform the Society's representations