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From the archives - October 2007

Advocacy in mediation

An overview of the mediation process and the opportunities for solicitors and clients

Your voice will count

The new President’s first message brings an update on the important projects currently in hand to take the profession forward

Does justice need fixing?

Extending the Crown’s rights of retrial on the basis of the outcome of the “World’s End” case could be the thin end of a very large wedge

A case for trial?

A report on experience to date with the Glasgow reparation pilot court, and whether the model might be capable of wider use

The tide for change

Report on the Law Society of Scotland's conference on delivering Scottish legal services, addressed by the Justice Secretary among others

New lawyers for all

The Society's New Lawyers' Coordinator introduces the three-year plan, the New Lawyers' Engagement Strategy, launched this month

Leaving the profession

Author attempts to find the truth behind the opinion sometimes voiced that a lot of recently qualified solicitors are leaving the law

Three proposals

Further important legislative developments in family law have been foreshadowed by three different sets of proposals published during the summer

Society to look out for late PC renewals

A note of the subscription fees for 2007-08, and a warning that late renewal of practising certificates may be treated as professional misconduct

OISC and solicitors' files

The Society's obligations to the Immigration Services Commissioner when she is investigating complaints

Options ahead on standards

The Society will shortly be appealing for profession and public comment on options for proposed new professional standards

IHT procedure changes

New process from 5 November 2007 for making an initial payment of inheritance tax by cheque

Know the need, know the cure

A suggested strategy to overcome the lack of knowledge that can be a serious barrier to increasing your business with existing clients

The file at your fingertips

How one family legal practice discovered the way to transform its prospects, and those of the next generation of solicitors, through IT

Fraud: making your strategy work

Strategies to combat the risk of fraud (part 2 of 2): the importance of training and compliance monitoring

A wider view

Latest criminal cases (and other developments), covering the SCCRC; sentence discounts; ASBOs; search warrants; road traffic penalties; disqualification

Pub games reborn

The Gambling Act 2005 has many ramifications for licensees of pubs and clubs who offer gaming facilities

Working with OSCR

The Charity Regulator's view of a number of sticking points with the 2005 Act, and some developments in the regulatory environment

Goal to Leeds

An insolvent football club has helped clarify the rules on administrators' liability for payments under contracts of employment

"We're all doomed" - or are we?

The Westminster and Holyrood governments are both promising Climate Change Bills. Can they make an impact?

Website reviews

Reviews of sites relating to the European Parliament

Book reviews

Review of Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005 (Cross and Ford)

Out of my depth?

Author's 10-point plan to combat the instinctive response of feeling insecure when plunged into change

Court bars in-house privilege

In-house lawyers' attempts to win recognition of legal professional privilege have been rebuffed by the European Court of Justice in Akzo Nobel Chemicals v Commission

Leases: the war is over?

Author argues that most of the leasing work of commercial property lawyers is redundant and it is time they found more fertile ground for their skills

ARTL picks up speed

Several dozen transactions have been successfully completed via automated registration, and the system is gathering momentum