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From the archives - December 2007

Discounting justice

Author contends that sentencing discounts and other developments have created an imbalance in the justice system

Common sense prevails

The options open, and the issues that arise, now that the proposed planning gain supplement is not to be introduced

Shaping the future

President's message: events of the past month have brought renewed focus on the core professional values - and it could be said also, on the value of a profession

Working in a one-stop shop

Opinion that the holistic approach to advice giving likely to become the norm with ABS, reflects the experience already gained by in-house lawyers

Christmas lesson

Author's wish that all separated parents give their children a positive example this Christmas

Games City

The legal work behind Glasgow's successful bid for the 2014 Commonwealth Games

OFT-related FAQs

Author's view of the legal issues behind the recent developments on alternative business structures, from the super-complaint to the EU implications of MDPs

Sea change around the globe

The regulation of legal markets elsewhere in the world and how the ethical issues resulting from alternative business structures have been addressed

Covering the money gap

Some possible avenues through which advisers of tenants facing eviction for rent arrears can retrieve their clients' financial position

Pre-trial priorities

The second article on summary justice reform looks at bail, undertakings, warrants and other procedural changes, and the increased sentencing powers of the summary court

Personal touch

An in-depth contribution to the debate about the processes and skills needed to achieve an effective resolution of family related disputes

Engagement terms: beware

A case study from the Client Relations Office illustrates the need to cover all eventualities in a terms of engagement letter

Keeping money clean

A reminder from the Society of some of the main issues from the new money laundering rules, which have generated many enquiries

From the Brussels Office

Updates on implementation of the Services Directive and a proposal to harmonise the rules on jurisdiction and applicable law relating to wills and succession

Nigel's charity MBE

Ayr solicitor Nigel Martin has received an MBE for services to the community in Ayrsshire

The lions sleep tonight

A report on corporate social responsibility initiatives from solicitors' firms, including the "Lions' Den" challenge, on which the final whistle has just blown

Conversion course

A sole practitioner writes on his experiences of going paperless, including some lessons learned the hard way

Family law risk management

A family law practitioner offers some advice on risk management techniques particularly relevant to work in this area

Too well known to challenge

Latest criminal cases, including ECHR decisions (one on culpable homicide); defining "reasonable"; pleas not accepted; suspending warrants

Temp sheriffs immune after all

The High Court has upheld a previously untested submission as to statutory protection for decisions of temporary sheriffs

Camels and common sense

Two further court decisions relating to agricultural tenancies have caught the attention recently

Tough at the TUPE

How the TUPE rules affect client services provided by legal firms - the law and the practice

Are bloggers fair game?

The English High Court has given some useful guidance as to when disclosure may be ordered of the identity of individuals contributing to online discussion forums

"This ain't tiddlywinks, mate"

Redress for injuries sustained on the sporting field has become a hot issue following a French decision against an English rugby player

Scottish Solicitors' Discipline Tribunal

Reports of cases relating to Edward Lindsay Acton; Angela Margaret Baillie; Alan Desmond Baxter

Website reviews

Reviews of websites offering to identify expert witnesses of different specialisms

Book reviews

Review of Residential Evictions (Barrowman)

Defining moment

Report of the In-house Lawyers Group's annual symposium, including addresses by the Lord Advocate and Law Society of Scotland President

Clear view

Commentary on the House of Lords decision in the servitude case Moncrieff v Jamieson, which the author believes will be of great benefit to the law

Joint conference success

A report back on the successful series of conveyancing conferences run by the Society jointly with the Registers of Scotland