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From the archives - February 2007

Routes to qualification: the Italian picture

An Italian lawyer with an interest in training in different jurisdictions reports on current developments in the Italian legal system

Speaking of change

President's message: the forthcoming Annual Conference and AGM of the Society both provide opportunities to keep abreast of the many changes facing the profession

Disabled from suing?

Opinion from the Disability Rights Commission that the lack of cases being brought in Scotland under the Disability Discrimination Act is cause for concern

Hearing and answering

Interview with Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini QC, covering changes within the prosecution service and the constitutional position of the Lord Advocate

Court afresh

Sheriff principal's view that structural and not just procedural reform is needed in order to achieve the proper disposal of court business, particularly civil

Clean sheet at the Commercial Court

Feedback from users on a review of practice in the Court of Session Commercial Court, and the next steps

Making a specialism pay

The considerations facing the solicitor planning a career and wondering whether to aim for recognition as a specialist

LCN DNA - devil in the detail

The advances in DNA analysis and the risks arising from the ability to work with minute quantities of DNA

Fraud: client accounts targeted again

How fraudsters have used altered cheques to perpetrate fraud against legal firms in recent weeks

SCDEA and the Society

The Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency is working with the Society to raise awareness of trends in organised crime and give practical advice to solicitors

Henry moves in at no 2

Henry Robson is the Society's new Deputy Chief Executive

New fees on the block

Regulations have been signed by Scottish Ministers making important changes to civil legal aid block fees

To buy or not to buy?

Some priorities for those who prefer to leave the office computer to someone else, but who think they might need to upgrade

Just a winter warmer?

Problems caused by excessive drinking often come home to roost early in the year, but LawCare's advice is available whether you are worried for yourself or someone else

Views from the new boy

Author, who has joined Marsh after 14 years in private practice as a solicitor, gives his initial take on risk management and its ever increasing importance

Working out time

Latest criminal cases, including time on remand; good character in sentencing; mixed statements; admissibility; self incrimination; jury directions

A claim in trust

A recent Scottish case has had to consider the questions of trust assets as part of matrimonial property, and enforcement of an award against foreign assets

Incapable of dismissal?

An employer's responsibility for an employee's medical condition does not guarantee a good unfair dismissal claim following termination on grounds of capability

Chasing debts made simple?

How the European Payment Order will seek to provide a uniform and simple procedure for cross-border debt recovery

Scottish Solicitors' Discipline Tribunal

Reports relating to Fiona Mary MacLeod; James Joseph McDonagh; Alan Monro Simpson

Website reviews

Sites covering statute law and parliamentary bills

Book reviews

Review of Common Good Law (Ferguson)

FOISA goes to court

The Court of Session has so far backed the Scottish Information Commissioner in every appeal taken from him to the court under the Freedom of Information Act

On the wrong track?

Commercial practice in the context of leases has changed radically in recent times, but case law has failed to keep up