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From the archives - March 2007

A look in the mirror

President's message: The annual events that take place in March bring the opportunity to step back and consider the Society's future direction

A welcome review

An overhaul of the methods of resolving civil disputes is essential if Scotland is to have a justice system that is fair and accessible to ordinary members of the public

Squaring the circle

The themes likely to be addressed by the forthcoming review of the civil courts in Scotland under Lord Gill

Profitability and financial structure

First of two articles on the 2006 Cost of Time Survey points up some of the traits of the more profitable firms


The scope of the current duties owed to disabled people by service providers, and the remedies available for infringements

Culture change

With the Vulnerable Witnesses Act about to commence for sheriff court summary cases, the Victims and Witnesses Unit reports on progress to date

Practice? What practice?

Author challenges calls for the LLB to be made more practical, as many students will be destined for a practice to which such training will be irrelevant

Signet badge takes wing

Interview with WS Society chief executive Robert Pirrie, on his ambitions for The Signet Accreditation scheme

Four in one

Report on this year's Annual Conference of the Society, which covered four separate practice areas at the same time under one roof

ET practice directions

Note of three directions made by the President of the Employment Tribunals (Scotland)

Recovering medical records

Reminder that it is no longer necessary for applications for recovery of records to be intimated to the Lord Advocate

Extra credit for counsel's fees

Faculty of Advocates has approved increases to the limits above which, if fees to counsel remain outstanding, a payment to account should be made

Appreciation: Angus McLean

Obituary of one of the original members of the Law Society of Scotland's Council, a family solicitor in Dunoon

In on the Acts

Some of the recent work of the Society's Law Reform Department, as it tries to keep abreast of the flood of parliamentary bills

Welfare guardianship and legal aid

A note of recent legal aid changes relating to applications for intervention and guardianship orders made by a person other than the adult with incapacity

"Lossiemouth, we have a problem"?

Space tourism may seem an unlikely potential growth area for the Scottish economy, but there are those who are keen to make it happen given the right legal regime

Flagging up VAT

A reminder of some of the VAT issues relating to corporate transactions, which can be overlooked by the unwary

In the family way

Risk management lessons to be learned from the Master Policy family law claims experience

Practice inside out

Latest civil cases, including defective service; duties to the court; lost productions; removings; amendment of a party; tenders; family actions; expenses

Shape of things to come

Datelines are emerging for progressing the reforms recommended by the Gowers report

Breaking down a brick wall?

Possible schemes to create tenancies between short limited duration tenancy and limited duration tenancy in length to help encourage new entrants into farming

Playing by the rules

Some recent developments in the constantly changing relationship between internal and external regulation of sport

Scottish Solicitors' Discipline Tribunal

Reports relating to Finlay Park; Robert Thomas; Nigel Stephen Kenny; Alistair Iain MacDonald; John Nigel Ferguson Muir

Website reviews

Sites looking at the more lighthearted side of the law

Book reviews

Review of Commercial Agreements in Scotland (Cabrelli)

Funny thing

Experience of working with the in-house legal team at Scottish Borders Council, which recently retained its Investors in People Status

PIPs' hour approaches

Overview of the draft regulations for the seller's survey regime, the impact assessment published in support, and the results of the Society's online survey

Enabled in the housing market

Introducing the Disabled Persons Housing Service, an initiative underway locally and nationally to maximise the choice of housing for disabled people

Registers refresher

A reminder about key changes in fees and certificates that took effect on 22 January, and other matters