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From the archives - April 2007

The bigger picture

President's message: the major issues currently being discussed with government require both sides to keep the wider policy issues and objectives in mind

Citizen justice

Opinion that the next Scottish Parliament should embrace ambition for civil justice by pursuing reforms such as those suggested in the article

Purely rhetoric?

A critical view of party politicians' lack of awareness of the effect of legal aid cutbacks, plus a survey of the party manifesto pledges on justice

Profit, team by team

Second article based on the 2006 Cost of Time Survey looks at comparative figures for salaries and overheads, and assessing profitability of departments within a firm

Bring them home

Child abduction cases continue to occupy the courts as parents fail to appreciate the existence and effect of the Hague Convention

Local roots

Scotland's numerous local faculties of solicitors report uncertainties over their future, but maintain that they still have a lot to offer the profession

Wanted! (for conspiracy)

Recent extradition cases against UK business figures have thrown up an important question on the scope of the common law crime of conspiracy to defraud

One voice

Interview with Colin Tyre QC, the Scot who is current President of the CCBE, the Council of the Bars and Law Societies of Europe

AGM report

Report of the highlights of the 2007 AGM of the Society, including the President's address, practice rules, financial reports and members' motions on legal aid

New lawyers TANQ up in Glasgow

Introducing the Trainees and Newly Qualified Solicitors Society (TANQ) of the Royal Faculty of Procurators in Glasgow

EOC supports pregnancy advice

Equal Opportunities Commission Scotland is urging solicitors to advise small and medium enterprises to take a more flexible approach to pregnant employees

Dealing positively with client concerns

First of two articles from the Society and the Ombudsman on some of the key issues which firms should consider to ensure they deal with client concerns positively

Block fees: the story behind the changes

The discussions that led up to the recent changes to the civil legal aid table of fees, and the difficulties the Society encountered in trying to make its views count

Engaging tomorrow's lawyers today

The Society is strengthening its links with new lawyers to encourage their input into future planning

Clancy gives voice to IBA

The Society's Michael Clancy has been appointed to posts within the International Bar Association

Think before you charge

Second article on aspects of VAT relevant to solicitors highlights some instances where a client may gain if the solicitor chooses the right approach to billing

For the high jump

The potential size of claims in commercial property-related work is such that particular care needs to be taken in all aspects of handling the work

Jury questions

Latest criminal cases, including jury deliberations; mixed statements; CCTV evidence; sentencing powers; sentencing for driving causing death

Put to the test

Questions have to be asked whether the pilot under-18 test purchasing scheme in Fife is being implemented fairly and with a sense of proportion

Yet another expense

The treatment of business rates by the Insolvency Rules, as judicially construed, is a hurdle to achieving the recovery purposes of administration

Planning with people

The latest Planning Advice Note encapsulates the more constructive vision of community engagement enshrined in the 2006 Planning Act

Lifting the lid

HMRC has successfully used its current powers to uncover a wealth of information about offshore bank accounts

Website reviews

Legal websites related to various religious persuasions

Book reviews

Review of Disciplinary and Regulatory Proceedings (Harris and Carnes)

Home is where the heart is

How author's experience of moving from commercial litigation to in-house local authority work was less of a leap into the dark than she feared

PSG - new certificate of title

Property Standardisation Group introduces the new version of its commercial certificate of title

SEPA: apply online and save

Registration for low-risk water activities such as septic tanks can now be applied for online, at a saving