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From the archives - May 2007

Strategic advance

President's message: the Society is now pursuing initiatives which will shape it, and the profession, for many years to come

Court plans with little appeal

Opinion that the Executive's further proposals for a Judiciary (Scotland) Bill still lack understanding of the concept of judicial independence, and threaten it

Under commission

How the draft operating model for the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission is being shaped, and how the profession can prepare by defining its own standards

Two into one can go

Cross border mergers in the wake of the Golds-Irwin Mitchell merger: do they represent an English takeover, or a new opportunity for Scots firms?

Ten years of labour

Overview of the changed landscape of employment law after 10 years of the Labour government, with a prediction that the changes are here to stay

Career v Family

Survey of women who have raised a family while pursuing a legal career, to see what advice can be offered to those facing similar decisions today

Monitor - at your own risk

How far can employers monitor employees' online activities, in and out of work, without infringing the right to privacy?

Raising the standard

Interview with John MacKinnon, incoming President of the Society, whose priority will be the setting of standards for the solicitors' profession

Trainee salaries

Recommended salaries from 1 June 2007

Election of Members of Council 2007

Notice of members returned in the seats to be filled in this year's elections

Society shapes the changes

Society's Law Reform Department and a subcommittee secured important amendments to the Adult Protection Bill, and is now scrutinising the proposed Judiciary Bill

Money laundering to change again

An update on the proposed new Money Laundering Rules, and a reminder of good practice in keeping yourself in the clear

Border and Immigration Agency launches

Agency has taken over immigration functions of Home Office and now deals with all applications

Professional Practice Committee

New Guidelines on Electronic Communications, including good email practice, have been published

Dealing positively with client concerns

Scottish Legal Services Ombudsman's view on why dealing effectively with client concerns is set to become increasingly important

From the Brussels office

Developments on proposals to criminalise commercial scale infringements of IP rights, and to set minimum standards in criminal proceedings

Winning ways

A challenge to solicitors to consider how prepared they are for winning and keeping business in today's world - and whether their attitudes towards others will help

Toothless against spam?

Anti-spam legislation is not generally effective, but the risk of adverse publicity from action by recipients makes it worth a client's while taking precautions

Risk reinvented

Some of the risks which arise for practitioners in IP/IT work - few if any of which are exclusive to IP/IT

Technical but essential

Latest civil cases, including citation; diligence on the dependence; summary decree; remit to the sheriff court; appeals in family cases; certification of experts

Pension sharing tips on divorce

Points to bear in mind to help prevent problems in trying to enforce a pension sharing order

In pursuit of simplicity

What are the prospects for the Gibbons report being able to simplify employment dispute resolution procedures?

First in the class

The European Commission is actively pursuing plans to facilitate court actions by collective groups

Scottish Solicitors' Discipline Tribunal

Reports relating to Audrey Perella; Michael Gerald Rourke; Mark John Stalker

Website reviews

Websites set up by those who have successfully taken court action against senders of spam email are worth a look

Book reviews

Review of Civil Jury Trials (Hajducki)

On the road

In-house Lawyers Group committee members have been gathering views from members around the country as to how the Group can enhance its services

Access or excess?

The status of the law of trespass in Scotland since the introduction of access rights to land, arguing that the offence remains if rights are not exercised responsibly

Alterations are no 2 problem

Society's survey reveals unauthorised alterations as second only to loan instructions as source of grief in property deals

ARTL: upgrade now for security

Those who have Adobe Acrobat 7 installed for use in automated registration are advised to upgrade now if their system permits