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From the archives - June 2007

Court plans with little appeal

The fuller version of the Opinion article in the Journal for May 2007

Winning ways

The fuller version of the article in the Journal for May 2007

Forward steps

President's message: the new President's perspective on what is likely to dominate the agenda during his year in office

Bar to progress

Changes in the Faculty of Advocates, whose service company is allowing individual stables the freedom to develop their own brands, just as an English-style chambers opens

Dean urges solicitors to stay with fee scheme

Open letter to members of the Society urging them not to scrap the Scheme for Accounting for and Recovery of Counsel's Fees

The Union and the law

On the 300th anniversary of the 1707 Union, an argument that its legal basis is often misunderstood and that its reconsideration would be far from simple

Public and confidential

The House of Lords decision in the OK! v Hello! case suggests that the common law of confidentiality may become an increasingly powerful means of protection

Adult support: a new generation

Survey of the important changes to the adult protection regime, and the Adults with Incapacity Act, made by the Adult Support and Protection (Scotland) Act 2007

Advice deserts and PDSOs

As the Society runs a survey of views on the state of civil legal aid provision in Scotland, it appears that the situation is even more serious than previously thought

LDU advisers panel

Current advisers to the Legal Defence Union, and an invitation to join

Vision 20:20

The Education and Training Committee is starting to make major policy announcements in the wake of its survey, and solicitors need to be aware of what the future might hold

Benevolent Fund: a much valued support

What the Scottish Solicitors Benevolent Fund achieves at present and how it hopes to expand its activities

DP: no duty to digitise

Contrary to what is being suggested by some data management companies, there is no impending requirement to digitise pre-1998 manual records

From the Brussels office

Updates on a crackdown on employers of illegal immigrants; and law enforcement data-sharing proposals

Termites in the basement

The threat to corporate brands from online IP piracy demands a sophisticated rapid response capability

The value of goodwill

The accountant's approach to the valuation of goodwill in a legal practice, and the factors that influence value

Letters of Engagement Roadshow

Some key issues to be addressed by practices in their terms of engagement, based on a presentation at the Society's recent roadshows

A door almost shut

Latest criminal cases, including jury investigations; evidence; bail offences; sentencing powers; possession; Moorov rule

Lessons in improvements

A Scottish Land Court decision has provided guidance on matters relating to compensation for improvements

Null from the outset?

A recent case has considered what happens when damages have been awarded for a patent infringement and then the patent is invalidated in another forum

The Tevez affair

How West Ham United escaped relegation despite "serious breaches" of FA Premiership rules in signing Tevez and Mascherano

Scottish Solicitors' Discipline Tribunal

Reports relating to Edward Lindsay Acton and George Alexander Wilson; William Michael Lewis

Website reviews

Reviews of sites relating to freedom of information

Book reviews

Reviews of The Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 (Cummins); Family Law in Scotland (Thomson)

Held in check

Argument that seconding Executive legal advisers to the Scottish Parliament leads to potential conflict of interest, and that scrutiny of Executive bills lacks openness

Possession undisturbed

A new decision on servitude rights in the context of rectification of the Land Register offers comfort to those currently enjoying such rights