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From the archives - August 2007

EAT breaks ground with TUPE insolvency ruling

Ruling on when insolvency proceedings begin leaves successor employer liable

Top of the agenda

President's message: the Society's work on alternative business structures reaches a crucial stage with the conference next month on options for the future

Shaping a humane law

The Independent Asylum Commission would like to hear of the working experiences of Scottish lawyers to inform its proposals for a better UK asylum system

Checkout the debate

The focus is on the Society's work since the OFT's decision that the Scottish Executive and legal profession should devise new rules to open up the legal services market

Family cases: another view

A family law practitioner takes a different position to the views expressed in the July article on the best way to resolve disputes over child care

A home of their own

Advice for parents thinking of investing in property to accommodate their student children, on how to avoid family strife and ensure a good return

Break time

Career breaks and their benefits to employees, and employers; and one lawyer's account of spending some years away from practice

Budget under the bonnet

The main points of this year's Budget (part 2 of 2): taxes on businesses, SDLT and other land measures; and the new regimes for filing dates and penalties

HBOS Group: things every solicitor should know

Implications for solicitors of the HBOS Group reorganisation taking place on 17 September 2007

Holyrood - Scotland's voice in Europe?

The practicalities of the Scottish Parliament achieving greater influence within the EU institutions, from where many of the new laws passed in Scotland originate

From the Brussels office

Updates on the new regulation on service of documents, and the Commission's white paper on sport

Instructing counsel made easier

The service offered by Instruct Counsel Ltd, for solicitors seeking to have some control over fee levels and turnround times for work

Ringing within the rules

What can be done under the current Advertising and Promotion Rules to use the telephone to maximise return on marketing spend

Cool IT for hot lawyers

Even the lawyer with limited IT ability can improve their image, and their working efficiency, with some simple (and often low cost) applications

Future perfect?

To what extent is it possible to anticipate and control your firm's exposure to future claims arising out of new and emerging areas of risk?

Case that makes the heart leap

Latest criminal cases, including sentencing issues; the Moorov rule; statements and precognitions

Green about the edges

A government green paper on rationalising the various tests for discrimination only goes part of the way to achieving that aim

An eye on expenses

Courts are becoming more likely to make awards of expenses in family cases if they think a party's conduct justifies that course

The tail in the nail or ponytail

Advances in science make detection of a person's drug history through analysis of hair or nail samples a real possibility

Off on the right foot

The OSCR report on the pilot review of charitable status shows a proportionate and transparent approach, with important lessons for the charity sector

Scottish Solicitors' Discipline Tribunal

Reports relating to David William Dickson; Douglas Alexander Criggie; Howat Associates; Rory Cradock; Norman Douglas Paton Cathcart; Ian Wilson Leitch

Website reviews

Review of the House of Commons website, and others with information about MPs and their performance

Book reviews

Review of The Law of Banking in Scotland (Crerar)

Well drilled

The main issues that feature in the work of in-house lawyers in the oil and gas sector, of which Scotland is a key centre

Good neighbour agreements - bad law?

The new provisions permitting "good neighbour agreements" are of questionable value given the other legal tools available, and could cause complications

One small step for ARTL...

First live transaction on the Land Register is a giant leap for land registration in Scotland

Contaminated land: a reminder and a warning

A reminder that contaminated land is an issue that will not go away in property transactions

End of the road for SDLT CD-Rom

HMRC is phasing out the processing of land transaction returns completed using its CD-ROM

SFP: a tough call

Maximising the value of single farm payments has become a very complex process, and every adviser should have an understanding of entitlement trading